60% Funded with 4 Days to Go! 😨

Another Kickstarter update! I’m 60% funded thanks to an anon donation! I got a $1 donation from a Laurie Stark that looks a lot like Leslie Mulligan Torres or Tara Stef in her pic but idk. Then I got a $25 donation from an anon! To the recent donors, thank you!! Every little bit helps because I only have 4 days left! I only need 8 more people to donate at the $25 level to reach me goal. The best part about the $25 level is it also pushes me to publish a book of short stories, something else people have been begging me to do who are fans of my work. And of course, I’ll put your name on a REAL plaque over my desk if I make my goal because this is only the beginning. It’s exciting I’m so close and thank you to everyone who is moving this forward with me! It’s been a lot of fun figuring out ways to reward everyone!

Please like and share so I can reach my goal!

Back my project here!

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