Magdalena Tarot Method: Learn to Read the Tarot Online Class

What is the Magdalena Tarot Method?


The Magdalena Tarot approach to Learning Tarot is a revolutionary method developed from mixing symbol, Qabalah, astrology, numerology and mediation in a way that allows you to “absorb” the meaning of the Tarot through the senses without the hassle of memorizing card meanings . This hands on learning technique not only teaches you the meaning of the Tarot, but brings the meaning of each card we study alive in your daily life.  We will do this through building altars. The altars become focal points for the contemplation and meditation on the cards. When built correctly, these altars also serve as “machines” that will peel away the excess and transform your mind and spirit.

This is more than a class, it’s a life changing journey. Only those who are serious about understanding the living Tarot should enroll in this class.

If you’re ready to live the mysteries of the Tarot, enroll in this class now.

What Can I Expect?

The class dedicates one month to each card so that you may be able to actually experience the card as it comes alive in your life. The class schedule is as follows:

0 The Fool – February
I The Magician – March
II The High Priestess – April
III The Empress – May
IV The Emperor- June
V The Hierophant – July
VI The Lovers – August
VII The Chariot – September
VIII Strength – October
IX The Hermit – November
X The Wheel of Fortune – December

What Your Tuition Includes

* The text of the Unit created by me.
* List of materials you need to build your altar for the month
* Access to the close Facebook group where you can share ideas and collaborate with others
* A live webinar with me once a month that will discuss the unit and answer any questions that you have.
* Access to me through e-mail for extra help and support.
* Book of Shadows workbook pages
* 15% off discount in my Etsy Shop, Magdalena Tower, where you can purchase things for your altar plus exclusive vintage and antiques that are unlisted on Etsy. You will also have access to special, unlisted items before they go up and the chance to negotiate prices.

Ready to Enroll?

You can pay a one time $40 fee up front for the entire remaining 4 month course. This is a prorated rate since  you will not be getting the full course due  to late enrollment. You will automatically receive your new material at the beginning of each month until the course is over.

Purchase the remainder of the course now!

Or …

You can purchase each class monthly for $20/session. For example, let’s say you know you’re going to be busy in March but you still want to take the February class. You can pay $20 for the February session and if you decide to join us again in April, you can pay $20 and pick up with us when you’re schedule frees up. You material will be sent within 48 hours of receiving payment.

Purchase the current month’s course now!

If your PayPal e-mail address is different than the address you want to receive your material at, please let me know through the Contact Me Form on the Book a Reading Page or e-mailing me at alannalp at magdalena tarot inc dot com

If you don’t receive your material within the scheduled time frame, check your mail. If it’s still not there CONTACT ME PLEASE!


If you enroll in the remainder of the course, you have until the end of the first month to receive a full refund if you are not happy with the material. Contact me via e-mail and state why you would like a refund and we’ll work it out from there.

If you purchase the course on a monthly basis, there is no refund available.

My Terms and Conditions

I pledge to respect my student’s needs and provide a high quality of professionalism by upholding these policies.

I will serve my students regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

I maintain the right to refuse advising on any issues outside my scope of qualifications or that make me uncomfortable. These include (but are not limited to) medical, psychological, legal or financial issues. I maintain the right to suggest consulting a professional if any topic comes up that I am not qualified to address.

I affirm to protect my client’s personal information and keep all contact information confidential.

By enrolling in this class, you agree that you are solely responsible for any actions that you take based on the material that is provided. Magdalena Tarot has no responsibility for your actions.

I commit to delivering quality material in a timely fashion.

To find out more, please download my class brochure!

Looking Forward to Working with You! XOXOX Alanna L.P.

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