My Fool’s Journey

I’m Alanna L.P., a psychic/intuitive Tarot reader,  student of astrology,  dream interpreter, visionary artist and aspiring Qabalaist. I believe that every person has a story that can be told through the Tarot and I’m here to help you to become the writer and director of your life.
My Personal Story
I knew that I was different from an early age.  Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I had a strange way of knowing things without people telling me.  I could see ghosts and communicate with angels.  Like many people, however, I suppressed these gifts as I grew older due to society’s standards for what was “normal” and what was “not”.
My uncanny intuition, however, never allowed itself to be suppressed. Throughout my twenties I still “knew” things and sometimes I even had visions  that foretold the future. Of course,   I never told anyone but my closest friends and family about the things I knew and saw because I feared ridicule.
Tarot was always there in the background. I picked up decks off and on between 2001 and 2010 but it wasn’t until I came across a miniature Pringles Tarot deck on a shelf in the guest house where I was staying in Japan. It only contained the Major Arcana so my studies were restricted but it was a good place to start.
 In spring 2011, I went backpacking in South America and discovered a Color Your Own Tarot deck in a used bookstore. As colored the cards,  I meditated on the images “absorbed” the Tarot. The task that took a year to complete  but I was rewarded with a deep connection with the Rider Waite deck that gives me a unique understanding of the Tarot.
While I was  on the last leg of my coloring journey in the beginning of 2012, I started studying Tarot with a group lead by Georgia Moore (Lady G) at Matrix a Place of Change. Lady G passed away in December 2013 but her legacy lives on through her teachings.
I also took Reiki 1, Wicca 101 and 102 at Matrix. I did a couple of psychic fairs at Matrix as well. In the end, I started to study Magical Qabalah, which accompanies Tarot beautifully, and my focus shifted.
I studied divination with my friend,Elizabeth Bissette.
Her class involved tea leaf reading, I Ching and Tarot. Elizabeth still mentors me in Tarot and a little bit of hoodoo. She also helped me connect with the interesting world of Tarot hotline reading.
Biddy Tarot and My Personal Transformation
I won a scholarship to Master the Tarot Card Meanings Master Class (I was the one person out of 500 applicants) in early spring 2014. The class was wonderful and I saw immediate changes in my life.  I was then gifted the 2nd level, Become the Tarot Reader Everyone Raves About by an anonymous classmate who thought I had a lot of potential. I approached Brigit about doing an internship after the end of Become the Tarot Reader Everyone Raves About and she agreed to let me work for Biddy Tarot. At the same time, I started taking   Grow Your Own Tarot Business Online,  Brigit’s Tarot business class. This class was a wonderful place to start and it’s the reason why Magdalena Tarot exists. I have been published on and I am a contributing writer for Witch Way Magazine.
In addition to starting my own Tarot business,  I’m in the query trenches for my Tarot based novel and working on a revolutionary book that teaches a new way to learn tarot. I’m currently working on creating my own Tarot Deck. I also deal occult related vintage on Etsy.
The focus of Magdalena Tarot is to use astrolgoy, numerology and Tarot to express the unique vibrations of each day, whether it be through my forecasts or a personal reading for you. You can become a Magdalena Tarot member by subscribing to the Newsletter here.  Members get the newsletter delivered straight to their in boxes every week plus lots of other exciting perks for free! So don’t wait, sign up now and join the network!



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