Tarot Videos by Magdalena Tarot

Part II: Building Your Astrology Clock

Part I: Building Your Astrology Clock

Here is my review of the Spring/Summer Magdalena Partner deck, the Astral Tarot, by 78 Tarot. Give it a watch, a like and a share if you dig it!

This is my review of the Atomic Tarot by the Atomic Pixies! Check it out!

This is my review of the The Darkness of Light Tarot by Tony DiMauro. I talk about some of the concepts that went into the creation of the deck, give a walk through of the cards and talk about my experience reading with it. So head over to Alanna L.P. on YouTube to check it out. Don’t forget to like, comment, follow and share!

You saw the Reckless Reader Tarot Subscription Box opening, now see how a Subscription Box can be put to use! And if you like what you see, hop over to RecklessReaderTarot.myshopify.com to order your own box! (Box themes will differ from month to month)

Tarot Subscription Box from Reckless Reader Tarot LLC Opening!

Live video of my class, The Psychic Story Teller on October 10, 2017. Get out a deck of cards and play along!

A video review I did of the Rota Tarot. Purchase this deck at http://www.rotatarot.com

A video Review I did of the Evolutionary Tarot by Richard Hartnett. Purchase this deck at http://www.quantumspiritone.com

A taping of an introduction to Tarot I did on Facebook Live

A Tarot Entrepreneurship talk I gave at Isis Book Store in Denver, CO Fall 2016. Includes great tips on how to start your own Tarot business including the one key element to finding success as a Tarot Entrepreneur.

Building an altar is a magical experience. Step into my magical world in this short clip!

Magdalena Tower Video http://www.etsy.com/shop/magdalenatower
Magdalena Tower is my vintage and antique shop on Etsy. Altar tools, zodiac jewlery, pendants, stones, tarot readings and more!

Biddy Tarot helped me get my start as a tarot entrepreneur. I connected with Brigit when I won a scholarship to her Tarot Foundations Class: Master the Tarot Card Meanings and the seeds for Magdalena Tarot were planted. See where it all started. This is a good example of a video reading with me despite the fact the video is from 2013

Although I didn’t get a scholarship to Tarot Foundations 2, this video was still a great submission.

This video is from 2013 and I don’t do tarot readings on Fiverr anymore but this is still a good sample of a video reading with me.

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