Tarot Videos by Magdalena Tarot

Tarot Subscription Box from Reckless Reader Tarot LLC Opening!

Live video of my class, The Psychic Story Teller on October 10, 2017. Get out a deck of cards and play along!

A video review I did of the Rota Tarot. Purchase this deck at http://www.rotatarot.com

A video Review I did of the Evolutionary Tarot by Richard Hartnett. Purchase this deck at http://www.quantumspiritone.com

A taping of an introduction to Tarot I did on Facebook Live

A Tarot Entrepreneurship talk I gave at Isis Book Store in Denver, CO Fall 2016. Includes great tips on how to start your own Tarot business including the one key element to finding success as a Tarot Entrepreneur.

Building an altar is a magical experience. Step into my magical world in this short clip!

Magdalena Tower Video http://www.etsy.com/shop/magdalenatower
Magdalena Tower is my vintage and antique shop on Etsy. Altar tools, zodiac jewlery, pendants, stones, tarot readings and more!

Biddy Tarot helped me get my start as a tarot entrepreneur. I connected with Brigit when I won a scholarship to her Tarot Foundations Class: Master the Tarot Card Meanings and the seeds for Magdalena Tarot were planted. See where it all started. This is a good example of a video reading with me despite the fact the video is from 2013

Although I didn’t get a scholarship to Tarot Foundations 2, this video was still a great submission.

This video is from 2013 and I don’t do tarot readings on Fiverr anymore but this is still a good sample of a video reading with me.


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