Where There is No Night Series


Where There is No Night  is a series that is serialized in Magdalena Tarot Magazine. Read each installment by buying Magdalena Tarot Magazine on Amazon or subscribe to my newsletter for a free subscription to the magazine so you don’t miss a chapter. Each chapter also features an original tarot card that has been designed and colored by me and rendered by an artist.

STORY SUMMARY: Sex, drugs, music and the Apocalypse. In 2035, angels and demons face off to win control of the last days. Their weapons of choice: music and magic.

Darius Seifer, son of the Devil and heavy metal king has it all: fame, fortune, beautiful women and a drug empire. But the only thing he really wants is for the international pop sensation, Arella Briaut, to fall in love with him.

When he finally meets Arella in Tokyo, he invites her to an underground club because he wants her to perform with him. What he doesn’t tell her is that he also plans to drug her in hopes that she will fall for him while she’s under the influence.

However, Arella has a secret of her own.  She is actually Archangel Gabriel and she’s been sent by Heaven to ask Darius to reject his role as the Anti-Christ. She hopes he will agree to a peace treaty and abdicate. If he doesn’t, she’ll have to kill him.

Plans on both sides go awry and soon the wrath of the Apocalypse is released upon the earth. Arella and Darius form a bond in the midst of the chaos and become unlikely allies.

But Heaven and Hell both reject their allegiance. Friends quickly become foes as Judgement Day draws near. Now it’s up to the Romeo and Juliet of above and below to show each side that peace is possible or die trying.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: THE LAST MOMENTS BEFORE DUSK is complete at approximately 95,000 words. It is the first book in the mystical drama, WHERE THERE IS NO NIGHT. The story is like Supernatural meets Sailor Moon directed by David Lynch.  This work received 4 rewrite and  resubmits from four different, midsize publishers. This story was scouted by several agents, including an agent with the notable Bent Agency.

After years of trying to figure out how to make this sell, I was  told by a writing group of award winning Colorado writers that it should be a graphic novel. I played with the idea but could never afford an artist. Then I started story boarding and I came up with something dynamic. It is based on themes found in mystical Qabbalah, Masonic lore, and Rosicrucian principals. Enshrined in it is a deep symbolic message about the return of the goddess.

Let’s watch the world end together.

Risks and challenges

This is a huge undertaking because it’s so expensive to hire an independent artist. But if I can build a fan base with the art and serialization of the novel text, I will be able to break into the comic industry. It means a lot to me to put the first brick in the foundation of my dream to be a patron of the arts while bringing my story to life. I will be honored if you decided to support this project and the thanks will continue to come back to you in fan service throughout the journey. Thank you for believing in my dream.

More clues as to what to expect from the series can be found on my Pinterest.

The art work thus far is below. 

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