The Blessings Mabon Brought

A sneak peek of the 10 of Pentacles card for the best chapter release of Where There is No Night: The Last Moments Before Dusk. I was showing the pen to Eve during an art lesson and realized I got a good sneak peek teaser

🍂🌾 Merry Mabon! Today I took a much needed day off from my day job to balance myself. Because I suffer from SAD (seasonal effectiveness disorder) I got hit with my first rodeo with the disorder and woke up feeling like I was getting a migraine.

I told my boss I needed a mental health day and thank goddess she understood. My manager told me to take care of myself so I spent all day listening to music and working on art — the best mental health care I know for myself.

I mostly worked on the 10 of Pentacles card for Where There is No Night and it got REAL. I learned things about the plot, my characters and the meaning of the card itself that I didn’t even know.

I think this card specifically will help my growing fan base understand why my heroine does the things she does. In the text, some beta readers and many editors who gave me a chance to rewrite the story for publication felt that was unclear so illustrating it will help readers understand what happened to Arella.

This sneak peek of a small part of the card is magical but there’s a lot more than meets the eye going on in this picture.

I had some artistic breakthroughs too. My art teachers, Rae from Fire and Fang Studios and another friend who is a professional fashion designer, Eve, took me to school on learning how to create glow effects.

I also slapped the image on a T-shirt and ordered a test to see if it’s something that I’d like to add to my fashion line, Ripped Lace. Allegedly the t-shirt will be delivered to me by 10/01 so I’ll see how my art does. I already caught some things I want to change but this shirt is just a test run. People usually like my t-shirts so if I can get people to wear my characters rock on 🤘🏻

I have a lot of ideas that I think will help build the fan base I need to get attention. The possibilities keep unfolding and I really think this project has something good going for it.

Read Chapter 4 in Where There is No Night: The Last Moments before Dusk in Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 5: The Hierophant out soon!

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