Magdalena Tarot Partners: Helping Indie Deck Creators Get Their Name Out

 What is a Magdalena Tarot Partner?

Once a season Magdalena Tarot switches Tarot decks so to continue to provide engaging, quality artwork to readers. Magdalena Tarot Partners are creators of Tarot decks that have teamed up with Magdalena Tarot to bring you the forecast each week. These artist give Magdalena Tarot permission to use their work in exchange for exposure to Magdalena’s large network of international readers.

Current Partner

Astral Tarot by 78Tarot

78Cards is a unique project that is funded by Kickstarter. Each year a new theme is announced and submissions for the deck are open. Each card is illustrated by a different artist and the decks are all limited edition.

Interview with the creators coming soon!

Past Partners

Atomic Tarot by the Manic Pixies (Winter 2018)

The Atomic Tarot by the Atomic Pixies is a comic illustration based deck that combines science and nature.  The suits and court cards have been renamed to fit the theme so it will be an adventure using this deck! There’s also a free downloadable book to accompany the deck at so you can read along and learn about this twist on the tarot. I plan to use the Atomic Tarot through April.

Check out my interview with the Atomic Pixies about the Atomic Tarot here! 

Video Review of the Atomic Tarot here!

The Darkness of Light Tarot by Tony DiMauro  (Fall 2017)

Reckless Tarot Reader LLC turned me on to the Darkness of Light Tarot when I was looking for a good deck with a fall like feel. From the moment I opened the deck I was in love with the stunning paintings and the wild sense of movement through the story of the cards. The artist, Tony DiMauro, is an award winning illustrator who has created designs for major publications like Rolling Stone Magazine. He was inspired to paint a few Tarot based paintings for an art show in NYC but once he got started, he couldn’t stop. This deck is for anyone who wants a deck that is rich in story telling through illustration.

You can read my interview with Tony here!

Also, check out my video review of the deck!

The Evolutionary Tarot by Richard Hartnett, H.W., M. (Summer 2017)

The Evolutionary Tarot is an independent deck created by Colorado based Richard Hartnett, H.W., M.  Richard started developing the deck in the late 1980s/early 1990s as a way to “update” the Tarot for modern times. He added several archetypes to the Major Arcana based on Jungian philosophy. In order to add these cards, he had to also revamp the numerology behind each card. The beautiful artwork was done by 5 contributing artists, including artists that have worked on cards for Magic The Gathering. The clean lines and vibrant colors gives the deck a comic book feel.  This deck is for anyone who is open to the concept of evolving Tarot to fit an era.

You can read my interview with Richard about the creation of his deck here.

Also, check out this video review of the deck!

SororTzadkiel, creator of the Rota Tarot. (Spring 2017)

I selected the Rota Tarot because of its beautiful usage of sacred geometry and deep Qabalistic symbolism. Anyone who is interested in Qabalistic Tarot should give the Rota Tarot a try. It truly is a mystical deck.  Soror Tzadkiel has a deep, rich understanding of mystical Qabalah and what she shares  is only a drop of what she teachers through her deck!

Check out the Interview with Soror Tzadkiel about the symbolism and inspiration behind the deck and find out where to purchase your own copy of it! 

Also, check out my video review of the deck!

The Druidcraft Tarot by  Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm (Fall 2016/Winter 2017)

This famous deck has been around since the 1990s. Since this was my first partnership, I  was still developing the program during the partnership so unfortunately, there is no video review or interview available at this time. But I was honored to interact with the creators and receive their blessing to use this deck in the weekly forecast. If you check out the forecasts from Fall 2016,  you’ll see the beautiful images that make using this deck a magical experience. It is true to the Druid tradition in its imagery and symbolism and honors the human experience and our connection to nature. 

Interested in Becoming a

Magdalena Tarot is always looking for new partners! If you’re a Tarot deck creator MT wants to hear from you! Submit samples of your deck to alannalp (at) magdalenatarotinc (dot) com and tell me a little bit about your vision when you created your deck. If we decide to partner, you will :

1) You will be the face of Magdalena Tarot’s Uplifting for the next 3-4 months.

2) Your cards will appear on daily post on Magdalena Tarot’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, reaching thousands of people each week.  Your art will also be featured in Magdalena Tarot’s weekly newsletter.

3) An interview with you will appear on Magdalena Tarot and also in the newsletter.

4) I will do a YouTube review of your deck and publish it on Magdalena Tarot and all social media networks affiliated with MT.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer monetary compensation at this time .