3 Card Reading

I was looking at he art for Where There is No Night so far and realized I have 3 released Tarot cards. Seariliazing they story in Magdalena Tarot Magazine monthly has been cool because there are people who read the magazine for the story and that is great for building a fan following.

So I officially have a 3 card reading to summarize the 3 chapters I’ve released so far.

It hit me how right it feels that I’m story boarding with tarot cards. The plan is to make a full graphic novel trilogy and this is the start of manifesting my dream.

Here’s a little about the story: Sex, drugs, music and the Apocalypse. In 2035 angels and demons face off to win control of the last days. Their weapons of choice, music and magic.

Follow Where There is No Night monthly in Magdalena Tarot Magazine.

Go to here to purchase Magdalena Tarot Magazine and catch up with the story before the next installment comes out. And if you don’t have a kindle, there’s an app you can download to read my magazine on your phone!

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