Late Summer Feels

From the 2021 Llewellyn Daily Planner. Sometimes I ink the art for fun when I’m doodling in in my Llewelyn planner at my day job.

This is a picture I colored that makes me wish I had a black light! It captures how I feel as summer’s end draws near. I used Neon gel pens and illustration marker. The sky is smoky from the fires west of Colorado. It lights up the sky in neon colors at sunset and turns everything burning tangerine. My friends and I run around in our cute 90s outfits but it feels like the beginning of Scream and we’re about to go to the party.

I’m keeping my meditation routine solid and it’s helped tremendously. It’s helped me keep a level head as the sick neon orange sunsets set the smoke and the fog on fire.

Life has just been so intense lately. The future is coming so loudly right now. My Twin flame asked me if the world was ending would, I have any regrets. I told him not marrying him when we went to Guam years ago. I said it like a joke but I was serious.

My Twin and I have taken space because with the way things are going, who knows if we’ll ever see each other again? But I’m glad we’re healing our friendship

I’ve taken a break from reading the news and have decided to focus on myself and my friendships and my dreams because finding joy in times like these is important I’ve found. So I’ve been lovingly working on the predictions for the next issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine listening to inspiring music.

I’ve been feeling a career change coming even stronger this Leo season as Magdalena Tarot Magazine made it to #2 in New Age Divination with Tarot in the free Kindle shop this month. I’m starting to look into Virgo season and getting the next issue Issue 4: The Emperor into a cohesive format and plan the art for Issue 5: The Hierophant.

As summer’s end draws nearer, I’m looking back on the success of the first 4 issues of Magdalena Tarot Magazine with gratitude and feeling optimistic about future growth. I’m thinking in addition to grants, I need to start selling advertising space. Get in touch if you’d like to talk with me about purchasing a space to advertise your business! I also would like to get the print on demand option figured out because I would love to hold a copy of my magazine and I think other faithful readers would too.

Going into fall I see visions of how to grow my business but it’s up to me to overcome my habits of limitation. But I feel a big change is coming soon if I just stay the course.

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