New Moon in Leo Magick

Last night I got down to work on my Leo altar. I followed the formula for how I created the Strength altar a few years ago.

I noticed I’d forgotten the goblet of Kosher wine I offered for the last full moon on the altar. It congealed and looked a lot like blood. I decided to bless it and use it as “ceremonial blood” since I’m not into animal sacrifice lol. I was raised Catholic so wine works just fine for blood.

At the same time, I started playing around with the formula for building #TheHangedManTarotCard. I built a circle out of my runes on my desk and placed an inverted cross in the middle because that’s as close as I could find around the house to Odín on the tree of life. I began to contemplate and meditate on the card so I can work on the formula for the Hanged Man card. I like to have things ready in advance.

I’m in a Runes study group and we talked about how blood is recommended to bless your runes. A conversation started about how you can prick your finger or use menstrual blood. I didn’t really find either to be appealing so I was thrilled to make this connection about the “wine turning to blood”. The theme of resurrection is perfect for Leo because the sun represents the tripe god, so I think the insights will be illuminated.

This afternoon I broke my mini altar down and dropped all my rune stones in the “blood”. Then I set it with some plants that I’m thinking about using in my altar. I’ll leave the stones in the chalice until full moon and see what happens.

If you would like to build altars to learn the tarot, check out monthly magazine!

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