2 Years After My Kickstarter …

About 2 years ago at this time I ran a Kickstarter to get money to hire an artist to draw Where There is No Night. I set a goal of $500 which raised enough money for me to hire Snow Torres to do the initial character designs. We came up with a mock cover but I ran out of money and had to abandon the project for a while. I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest my own money to get a fan base started and here we are, 6 chapters into the series and me heading a creative team that consists of me, Snow and Alpha Rae. I think I want to call our team “The Triumvirate of the Roses”. The mechanics of the team are working on creating story boards in the form of Tarot cards for a pitch. We have 6 completed cards and looking at them together really gives the story so much depth and meaning. Watching this project manifest has been a wild rid. And the more I open up to the possibilities this project holds, the more signs I get that the team has something special to share with the world. Honestly, I am so thankful that I’ve been blessed with creative vision and what I believe to the Divine guidance to eavesdrop on the whispers of the angels. All I can do is trust and have faith. So that’s been my MO lately. Today I was out to lunch with Seth Osmun and a waitress was staring at my shirt from across the room. I was wearing a prototype for a shirt I’m going to put out once I get the title of my series “Where There is No Night” done in some cool cyperpunk looking graffiti letters. The image that’s on the shirt is below. I think I posted pics of the prototype because I was really excited when I got it. But here it is again The waitress came up to me and was like, “I hope this doesn’t sound weird but I’ve never seen that series before. What is it?” And I was like, “It’s my graphic novel.” The waitress got so excited and started jumping up and down. I gave her a business card and she offered to put some out for me. I’m starting to see an up tick in people who are getting interested in the story. I had a couple people buy all the editions of my magazine to read all the chapters of Where There is No Night that I have out so far. I’m glad the action in the story doesn’t get started until these upcoming chapters because it gave me time to get a good stack of back issues going to hook people in. I’m also excited my fashion line is starting to get attention too. I’ve sold several T-shirts this fall and it feels good that people like my designs and want to wear them. I wear my designs all the time so if they’re good enough for me, they’re good enough for the world lol. This is probably going to be the next Where There is No Night design along with the cover. I’m going to do a line of Where There is No Night shirts but I can’t do them until I get the letters done. I’m guessing I’ll have to get a different Etsy for my clothing line, Ripped Lace. I think I’ve got enough SEO data that makes me think the split will be successful. Anyway, I just wanted to share that because I thought it was exciting. I’ve invested A LOT of money in this project. I raised $500 two years ago to jump start this project and I keep the names of the people who donated on a vision board over my desk like I promised. Looking at what P.R.A.P. was able to do with raising money to get equipment to record a demo and looking at what’s happening with Where There is No Night, I can’t help but think that sometimes all you really do need is a little help from your friends. Thanks for believing in me, guys. Just know I believe in you too

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