Reflections on The Hierophant

From Where There is No Night Chapter 4: The 10 of Pentacles Download to read!

Magdalena Tarot Magazine’s card for the month of Libra is the Hierophant. Unexpectedly, it led me back into my Qabalah studies. Recently I picked up a book I put down for a while because it was too heavy to pick up when I broke my arm 😅It’s called Tree of Souls. The author Howard Swartz calls the book a “collection of Jewish myths” and it includes stories from the seifer church yetzirah, the Zohar and Midrashim. My favorite part of Jewish mysticism is the psychedelic imagery and stories about angels that are excluded from Christianity (another can of worms).

Today I read a story that was a similar concept to the current chapter of Where There is No Night

that I had to do a double take. In the myth “Rabbi Lorw and the Angel of Death”. In this story Rabbi Lorw rips up a list of people the Angel of Death is targeting during the plague in an attempt to save them. A game of wits ensues and finally the Angel of Death wins by hiding in a rose the rabbi’s grandson offers him. The Rabbi takes the rose and dies to save his grandson.

I’d never read that story before, but I was surprised at how the idea is similar to my idea for the Tarot card for Chapter 4: The 10 of Pentacles with the idea of the rose in the illustration. It was a delightful coincidence.

Writing with intuitive inspiration from the collective consciousness always makes my the unfoldment of my spiritual evolution — an eternal and never ending quest to understand Divine mysteries.

Anyway, if you want to read more about my ideas on Kabbalah, Qabalah and Cabala read Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 5: #TheHierophant on Amazon Link in bio.

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