1st Biddy Tarot Webinar

Hello all! I was finally able to make time to post about my lovely first webinar with Brigit and my Tarot Foundation Class friends.

Overall, I was very impressed with the class.  I poured a glass of yummy red wine, grabbed my text books along with a cheesy bagel and logged into the webinar.

The first thing that struck me when I logged into the webinar was how professional the webinar program was. We had a video of Brigit on the left and on the right we had PowerPoint slides of the handouts we were reviewing. There was also a dialogue box for asking questions, which was a great relief because I’ve been on conference calls and in Skype chats where everyone talks a the same time (including me) so it was a nice way for Brigit to mediate the class. The whole layout of the program was very clean, neatly and logically organized and easy to understand.  I have to admit I was worried the system may not work on my computer because it’s an old fart and doesn’t like Java very much but I didn’t have any issues, which was also a plus. So right away, I was feeling really good about the webinar.

The next thing I noticed was how genuine of a person Brigit is. She has such pure excitement, passion and enthusiasm for teaching tarot. She did an amazing job keeping up with the comments from the students. The teacher/student dialogue was very productive and Bright was able to give one on one attention to individual students as needed. Overall, I feel like we have a good class community, which is pretty amazing considering there are 100+ people in the class from all over the world. The international representation, as a world traveler, also really excites me. I am a globally minded person so I think it’s amazing to be united with people from all corners of the globe at the same time. The internet is an amazing, powerful tool!

We did a couple of exercises and the one I liked best was pulling cards for the class. I pulled the Hermit and the 3 of cups. I took this to mean that I don’t have to study by myself anymore. I have a good community of friends to study with.

I found our discussion about numerology to be particularly interesting. Brigit encouraged us to start thinking of numerology and I have been doing this for a while but I didn’t really have a good grasp on it. I never really get anywhere with numerology because I have an extreme distaste for numbers, Maybe I have number PTSD from fighting with mathematics in school. lol.  Although recently, I’ve been into Jewish mysticism and sacred geometry so I’ve softened my heart towards numbers a little.  I was sorting through my cards in class and  I realized that numerology is really just symbolism for observing the development of  a cycle by moving from beginning to end. 1 is obviously the  beginning and things progress through 10, which represents completion.  This thought had crossed my mind before but I didn’t really connect all the dots until it was addressed in class.

We also reviewed each card in each suit of the tarot. I sorted through my cards and then flipped through them in a “flow”, focusing on the story that progresses from 1-10. The suit that caught my attention was the cups because I was able to see the story of the cups reflected in my life and my personal journey since I moved back from Japan almost 3years ago. I also got a deeper understanding of the court cards and how they reflect their own progression of growth and development. This concept, however, is one that I’m still turning over in my head so I’m not going to blog about it until I really have developed my ideas.

After class I logged off and proceeded to drink 3/4 of a bottle of wine with my boyfriend. lol. Needless to say, I did not get around to blogging about the class on Thursday night.

Lastly, some closing notes about what I personally want to get out of this class. My focus for the class has become clearer over the past week. I decided that I want to go back to the basics and pay very close attention to the symbolism in the cards so I can start designing my own Tarot deck.  I mentioned this in my first post but each chapter of my book is a tarot card so if you know about tarot, it acts a tool for foreshadowing.  I didn’t even realize how deep the Tarot influenced my novel until I finished the first draft, went back and gave all the chapters a card.  It should be interesting to sell a tarot deck as a companion to the book.  I started drawing mock ups of the layout of the cards for each chapter.  The more time I spent comparing the cards to the chapters, the more I realized that my book is deeply influenced by the Fool’s journey and the symbolism of the Tarot.  Now I just need to manifest an artist that will help me with this.

I think that covers about everything I want to say for tonight. I’m going to get serious about the workbook and continue to study my text and participate in the community.  If you’re in the class, I hope you’re having as much fun and feeling as inspired as I am. If you’re looking to learn Tarot, I highly recommend you consider taking classes with Biddy Tarot.

4 thoughts on “1st Biddy Tarot Webinar

  1. Hi there, I am also taking the course as a refresher, and it is VERY refreshing. Brigit is a delight. So the book you are writing is a novel? I have not read your blog… just got to this page through your link back at “class.” Are there 78 chapters? What a wonderful idea. As far as artists to fully realize your conceptions of the cards… I have heard of several people who have been art majors and taken on that sort of project as a big part of their final. When you are closer to being ready, you might contact some art departments at colleges/universities in your state. You might come up with a true win win! Lindy

    • Well, it’s a series and as to whether all 78 will play out in the first book or not has yet to be determined. I’m in the middle of a rewrite now but I may try to make the chapters short to hold the attention of people. I have a couple of friends interested but money is the real concern. I couldn’t afford to give someone more than a couple hundred USD at this point to illustrate my deck, and even that would be a finical burden for me. I’m really good at color and shading but drawing is not my strong point. But I’m a strong believer in things happening when they’re supposed to so we’ll see how it goes 🙂 But yes, checking with an art school is also a superb idea!

    • I don’t know how to be anything but an artist. Sometimes it feel like a life sentence rather than a gift from the Divine. Part of my journey is learning about my personal power through my artwork.

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