Journey into the Tarot

I’ve been a big fan of for years so when I got an e-mail that annoucned a scholarship opprotunity for Brigit’s tarot foundation class, I decided that I’d apply. I’ve been reading tarot for myself, family and friends for about ten years and I’ve been reading professionally for about three  years.

I put my intention in, carefully set the scene for the video, centered myself and made this video submission.  I felt magic all around me and I knew that I was going to win a scholarship as soon as I shot the first clip. It just felt right.

And I was right! I won!

I was very honored to win the scholarship and I’m really enjoying the class community. I’ve been spending time with the text books and I’m gaining all new insight into the Tarot.

We were asked to set our intention for the class and then draw a card. I got the Magician, which is so very interesting for so many different reasons.  It verifies that I have all the personal power I need to manifest what I want in my life. The tools the magician uses are the suits of the tarot I’m mastering. The deeper understanding that comes from what I learn will help me see my path and help me guide others as well.


Another reason why I think I was meant to be part of this class is because I am writing a novel and each chapter is a tarot card.  I hope to gain deeper insight into the cards so that  I can design my own deck based on my novel to sell as a companion to it.

This class has already started to change the way I view tarot on so many different levels and we haven’t even had our first webinar yet. That’s tomorrow and I’m really excited to be part of it along with the big cast of international tarot readers.

So blessed for this gift of abundance! I hope to enrich my reading so I can give back the positive energy that landed me this scholarship and help the cycle of abundance continue!

2 thoughts on “Journey into the Tarot

  1. Hello,

    Brigit made the right choice to pick you as a new Tarot student. You share the same passion as professional Tarot enthusiasts. After watching your video and reading this post, I think you’ll bloom to be an amazing reader. Happy learning!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I love Tarot and it’s become such a part of my life. The best thing about it is that you can spend a lifetime deepening your understanding of it.

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