Gratitude Is …

I’ve noticed a lot of people are kicking ass at life lately. This makes sense with it being a 9 year in numerology. It’s the year when everything you’ve worked for is supposed to come to fruition.

But sometimes, I’m so busy looking at other people’s lives, especially in our social media driven world that can be like a big accomplishment parade, to really see and be thankful for what I have. Because in order to truly receive, you have to give. And in order to give, you have to first give thanks for what you have. That’s how the cycle of abundance works. So I want to give a shout out to the Universe for what I’m grateful for.

First of all, I’ve at least had the balls to submit my novel to several publishing houses. Thanks to my wonderful editor, Kate, for helping me through this whole process. No deals yet, but getting published takes a while. If you’re a writer, you know how asinine other writers can be. So I’m also really thankful that I met my perfect critique partner, Dario, because our stories compliment each other in a strange but cool way. We’re going through the same thing with rejection after rejection and it’s always good to have a friend who keeps you going.

Although no one has picked up my novel yet, my writing and art are published in Witch Way Magazine every month, which is pretty amazing and I’m pretty stoked about it. So if you love my weekly forecasts, check out my monthly look ahead in Witch Way!

I’m also getting back into drawing. Art school ruined how I see my own work. I thought it was shit because that’s what I was told in school. So I did my work in private and never showed anyone. But recently, people have become interested in my art so I decided to start sharing it again. Thanks for everyone who has ever called my work beautiful for helping me build confidence in my visual art skills again.

I’ve also connected with the metaphysical community in Denver and have made a few awesome new friends to go on adventures with. I’m making connections that can help me get my business off the ground although I have my finger in 15 different pies, it seems like it’s enough variety to build a sustainable business. I met with a business mentor last week who happens to be a millionaire. He said I’m doing everything right and I just need to be patient. He recommended I do a seminar so I pitched a class on my revolutionary way to learn Tarot to one of my favorite metaphysical shops in town and we’ll see how it goes.

My normal job is in home healthcare as a job and I have an incredibly client. Her name is Mary and she’s working towards being wheelchair-less by the end of the year. Honestly, I think it’ll happen before that. I feel like I’m watching a miracle happen as I see her use her wheelchair less and less every day. She says she couldn’t have come this far without me and it’s like, how do you even receive that compliment? I’m just like, “No dude, you want to heal and that’s all you. I’m just here to help out.” Seriously though, it makes me teary eyed to watch someone learn how to walk again and be part of that journey.

I received reiki II a while ago from my spiritual mentor, Pam because I wanted to help Mary heal. Honestly, I thought reiki was bull shit until I started using it working with Mary. Now I’m seeing the results of what can happen when someone receives reiki treatments on a daily basis. But I want to stress that I’m not the source of this. I’m just amplifying the energy Mary is asking for by acting as a conductor for that energy. I’m getting to the point where I would like to research what it would take to incorporate reiki into my business because I want to help more people like Mary who have a strong desire to be healed.

Then I’m working on opening my own Etsy shop and dealing in pagan themed vintage and antique jewelry, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. On top of in home healthcare, I work at an antique shop once a week, which is where I get my merchandise. My boss, Linda  is awesome and I couldn’t have done any of this without her.

Adam, my fiance, and I have also set a wedding date: Summer Solstice 2017. Although I may move it to the day of the full solar eclipse because how cool would that be to get married during an eclipse? We’re going to per-marital therapy because we think every couple should do that before getting married.

There’s still some things I’d like to do. Like make my business into a career, get published, get back into doing burlesque, find a circle of pagans that’s traditional enough for me to do circles with, but I feel like all of that will come in due time. For now, I’m thankful for where I am and who I am. I’m only 1/3 a way through my life and I’ve done so much. I can even imagine what’s next.

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