Part 2: How Tarot Can Help You: A Guest Blog Post by Priti Kansara

This guest post is the second part of a two part series that comes to us from India! Priti Kansara from gives take on how Eastern Philosophy can enrich the Western tradition of Tarot. 

Introduction: Hello! I’m Priti! I have been reading Tarot for 13 plus years and people always ask me, “How can Tarot help me?”Most people know that Tarot can help you see the future and make predictions. But Tarot has more to show us than that! Let’s dive into the journey with Tarot. This is just a little bit of glimpse of how Tarot can help you!


Tarot can also help you follow your gut instinct.  Sometimes believing the truth is all about validation and Tarot can help validate you.

Knowing the Right Direction
How many times in life have you been confused about choosing the right direction? When you know you going in the right direction, you know that you are going to get good results. Tarot can help you find this right direction by giving you clues in the cards.

Knowing the Right Options
It feels great to have so many choices to choose from. But then, you always have to boil it down to just one or two. Tarot can help you find the best option/s. For example: Option A will bring you a material satisfactory job or career, and option B will bring you emotionally satisfying job experience. You can then decide which one you’d like to have. As we all have different preferences from life areas.

Knowing What to Do and What Not to Do in Life
A lot of people grow old and feel that “life would have been better” if they knew what was good and what wasn’t good for them. And you too might have the same feeling sometimes. Tarot can help work through this. It will guide you so that those problems can effectively be dealt with.

Tarot Can also help in dealing with all areas of life. Here are a few examples of areas in which Tarot can guide you.

Tarot gives you clues about what you can do  to stay healthy. It can also give you warning signs if you are not taking care of your health.
One thing you should be careful about with health predictions is that they are not written in stone.

What people do is, that if their health predictions say “nothing will happen to you in next one year”, people try to alter their lifestyle and eat all sort of unhealthy foods and indulge in unhealthy lifestyle… because they feel, “Hey, I am be healthy anyway then why worry?” Well it’s not that way exactly.

Your present health is a result of your past good habits & karmas. And your future health will be result of what you do in present. Your prediction will change about health, if you change your lifestyle and follow unhealthy patterns.

And as always, you should consult a doctor first and foremost if you feel that you are experiencing health problems. Only a medical professional can truly give you a reliable diagnosis and proper health instructions.

Tarot can help people improve their relationships. Well there’s a catch to this: you can improve a relationship with Tarot advice only if the other person  wants that improvement or values the relationship enough to stay in it.

What I have seen happen a lot if is only one partner trying too make the relationship work.


Both people involved in the relationship need to give equal amount of inputs to save the relationship. Relationship readings always vary in accuracy, as most of the time its just one person in the relationship trying to make the effort.

Career readings can help you to excel in your career. If you are struggling with what is good fit for you and what is not, Tarot can provide clarification. It can also help you figure out which fields suit you best. It can also show you your strengths and weaknesses so that you can maximize all your potential and talents. Also Tarot will advise you for your career based on your purpose in life, which will make things better for you.

Money is important for all of us, and Tarot can help you figure out how money flows through your life. Making millions sounds good for financial security but it’s not everybody’s dream. So Tarot can first help you figure out what sort financial dreams, lessons and karma you have and how to bring stability and security into your financial life.

Love Life 
Everybody wants to fall in love but life has lessons to teach you about love that are not always easy to go through. Tarot will help you to understand these lessons and help you find solutions.

Is spirituality only for a few? No, its for everyone – as we are all born in this finite world through the spiritual infinite world. Which makes you, me and beings all around us spiritual. Tarot can help you with your questions about spirituality. It can also help you to stay balanced in your spiritual practice.

Goal Setting 
Tarot can help you to figure out the best path for attaining your goals. It can also help you pinpoint the difficulties that you might come across while working on your goals and how to overcome them. Here is a Tarot exercise that will help you with goal setting:

Put the most pleasing cards in the outcome which you feel will help bring you the feeling and the outcome – as if you have already achieved the goal. Try to arrange a group of cards for one outcome, when you already achieve it. Then you can move on to another goal.

The most important part of being a Tarot Reader is having confidence in your reading ability. You might not feel satisfied by the answers that you receive but you were given the answer which is what you wanted and it’s best to be thankful for that.

So every time you do a reading,  save a copy of your reading, which after a while will make a lot of sense. You can take a picture of it and write your impressions in a journal or a Word document.

So that’s all from me for now, let me know in comments how did you like this post about Tarot? And do share your valuable insights for this article.. Thanks for stopping by. Like and Share this post to all tarot lovers you know. Until next time Chao! 🙂

About Priti Kansara: Priti is a Tarot Reader practicing successfully since past 13+ yrs. She left her IT Engineering career and began her journey into the unknown. Tarot was first thing that intrigued her and then there was no looking back. She has had psychic abilities since childhood, which she didn’t understand when she was young. As a child she could sense energies good and bad around her. But she could just be happy and sad while experiencing that. Along with that she has had a lot of spiritual experiences, which for now she wishes to keep a secret; these experiences she says, have helped her carve her personality and grow better as a human being.

She is also a Numerologist, Angel Card Reader, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Meditation Coach. Visit her website where she helps people to realize their soul’s♥️purpose, guides them to become more productive in their lives and make theire lives more meaningful and fulfilling. You can check her website, or get a Soul’s Purpose Reading now with her, from here at Soul Purpose.

(The Views Expressed Here Are the Views of the Author and are Not Necessarily the Views of Magdalena Tarot)

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