Radhio: The Rune of Journeys

Radhio, the rune of journeys through life, this world and beyond. I spent some time working with this rune over the past week and the journey I’m on took on deeper shades of meaning.

I had premonitions all day that a discovery was on the horizon. I dreamed of finding my quartz Crystal point. It sits on my desk but I’d lost it in my dream. It was very clear and sparkly when I found it in my Dreamtime.

Then I’m waking time I had a strange walk to the convenient store. All the dogs were nervous and jumping in the neighborhood. A charming older man told me I’m beautiful, and the fire department was investigating an OD on the sidewalk.

I’d felt something odd in the atmosphere all week but things always get weird when the sky is smoky.

Over the past week, I went back through the new chapter of my life that started with my move in February and all that followed. I turned the page and started my magazine. Mercury Retrograde grabbed me by my arm, literally pulled me down and told me to sit, stay and wait. And the page turned again when I broke my arm in May.

I was laid up for a good part of Mercury Retrograde due to breaking my arm again. My good friend died and I turned the page and found my best friend who I swore I’d never speak to again. Now we’re on a journey together again. My magazine survived my injury and it’s growing. And the journey continues.

Another aspect of this rune I was unfamiliar with was journey through the worlds and to the realm of the dead.

After runes class I was suddenly inspired to take a walk. I stopped preparing dinner and immediately went outside. I ended up under a rainbow. It was hard to see because we’ve had smoky skies but it brought revelations

I went walking under the rainbow in the park that used to be a cemetery meditating on Radiho when the song “Champaign Supernova” hit my playlist. Oasis was my friend who passed favorite song. The wind picked up and I became aware of my friend with me. It was nice to walk with him for a bit

I thanked him and another mutual deceased friend for their guidance. I feel their hands in reuniting me with my best friend, like they teamed up to push my best friend and I back together from beyond because nothing on this plane was strong enough to defeat my anger. I imagined them high fiving beyond together. I said hello to others that went before and thanked them for guiding me. I became aware of many things watching over us and I knew that we are never alone and all we have to do is shift our awareness to find the guidance we seek.

It was a mystical evening. The veil between the world fluttered in the sunset and the sunflowers and wild flowers in the neighborhood gardens bobbed their head along with the beat of radiho, the mystical rune of journeys both here and beyond.

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