🎊To a Bright and Shiny New Years!🥂

Zee and I built a Happy New Year’s Altar to ring in 2022

It’s my birthday! Yay! So to all my dear friends, I wish you a very happy New Year!

How did your year end? Looking back, I have a lot to be thankful for.

2021 started with a big change! I wished my roommates good luck as they moved on to start a life together and I moved into a studio apartment by myself.

I named my new space “The Dorm Room” because I knew from the start it was a temporary stop. I just needed a corner in a creative side of town to stay while I picked a direction and shot for the future.

I dreamed up the idea for Magdalena Tarot Magazine in this room. I had my first video call with P.R.A.P. to get the band off the ground here too. I started the project converting Where There is No Night into Tarot card, which will lead to a graphic novel, in this room. But just like closing my yearbook on a good school year, it’s time to start making new memories!

I learned so much in 2022! And so I’m very grateful to 2021 for being kind to me. Even though the last week of the year was downright scary, I feel like it washed away pretty clean.

My biggest victory in 2021 was developing a 5 year plan!

I’m moving into a spiritualist church to be the caretaker in January. I will be managing a space where I can help metaphysical groups come together. I’ve already talked with a few groups who want to rent in the space for meetings and rituals. I’m excited to offer a place where people can worship and connect with Spirit. I feel called to be a community leader now. We’ll navigate this next virus wave as it comes.

Because I will be managing a sacred space and living there so my rent will be greatly reduced. Part of my 5-year plan is to pay off debt so I can afford to open a shop in the next 2-5 years. Magdalena Tower will have the brick-and-mortar storefront I dreamed of, which will also be a space open to spiritual communities. So this is a great opportunity to learn about the event space management side of my dream.

It’s a relief to FINALLY see the path forward to providing a meaningful spiritual service to the community manifesting. I’m starting to get a vision of what being a leader in the community by taking a closer look at what I can offer to help enrich the community. My 10 year plan involves a run for city council because enough is enough and if no is going to do anything, fuck it, I will do my best to step up for change.

For now, Emily Skyrocker and I are ready to rock politics with our band P.R.A.P. The band was a really big surprise in 2022. Emily and I took the idea and ran with it and things keep falling into place like this is destiny so these sistarrs are going to ride into the future keep spreading our message of radical political and social reform. We have some BIG news coming but we’re still not ready to spill the beans. Emily Skyrocker and I are going to blast light into 2022 with our music.

My relationship with Zee has also been a very pleasant surprise. He danced up to me at goth club right before Halloween and he was so cute that at first I thought, “No way, he’s not trying to dance with me.” But my friend, Zyrina encouraged me to dance with him. He stole a kiss and stole my heart. We’re mixing and matching our 3 year plan and it’s exciting that I’m with someone now who wants to build a foundation with me within the ENM framework and it’s exciting to be moving into a new year with a wonderful partner.

Another awesome thing happened too. I’ve formed a partnership with OFM (OUT FRONT Magazine). Magdalena Tarot Magazine has a queer friendly flavor because 3/5 of my staff is queer (myself included). Our readership is also heavily queer because our message about spiritual androgyny is the ultimate goal. Because OFM and Magdalena Tarot are queer publications, we connected and I will now be running horoscopes I write for OFM in Magdalena Tarot Magazine. So be sure to check out OFM Magazine at  https://www.outfrontmagazine.com/ and support our partner!

Of course, all my best friends, family and cowokers have been wonderful companions and cheerleaders over the past year. I love them so much and I feel so loved.

So moving into a new phase in my life is exciting. I feel like I’ll have a lot more responsibilities that I’m ready for and I’m excited to welcome in a new year full of potential and growth! 2021 spoiled me rotten and I’m ready to enjoy the bounties and continue to shine light into 2022.


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