Sacred Circularities Day 1

Sacred Circularities has been a journey from the start for me. From getting hired for the blogging position a month ago to preparing for my trip to the 2 days I spent traveling to get to Bali, I’ve learned to let a lot go. I unfortunately missed the opening ceremony last night because of a delayed flight but I the message is loud and clear: let go. Let go of everything that is holding me back.

This morning I woke up and looked out in the beautiful garden while I ate a delicious vegetarian breakfast. The location for the workshops is about a 10 minute walk from the restaurant and lounge area. The walk led me across a verdant rice paddy with green shoots of rice poking up on either side of the stone path. I admired moss covered statues of gods and goddess and felt like I was moving through a dream.

I walked into the workshop space and felt that we were a little like Buddhist monks or martial artists, coming together in a sacred space with like minded people to focus our energy on developing our skills and attaining a higher level of consciousness together. The space was empty and I was able to to take fifteen minutes to dance for joy that I was able to surpass all the challenges I went through to get here and celebrate ex.

The first workshop I took today was Anah’s workshop called “Estatic Hoop Initiation or in other words, raving with Anah. It was back to the basics by working on flow in each specialized area of the body. We broke down the meaning of flow by taking time to work on each fundamental separately and find our flow within each fundamental — waist hooping, hip hooping, chest hooping, leg hooping, vertical hooping, horizontal hooping, body rolls, flips and off the body hooping. It was a little difficult to focus on how to make such basic movements fit advanced hoop dance but it was rewarding when it did happen. The energy during the workshop was amazing and it reminded me of going to a big music festival and just dancing for the love of life and being present in each sacred moment. I shed a few tears of happiness from all the emotions I was able to release and all the things I went through to get here.

I was so hot after the workshop that I jumped into the swimming pool on my way to lunch in my clothes. The cool, clean water washed over me and took all the sweat and grim away.

After lunch I felt a big energy drop as a storm moved in. I really wanted to stay in my room and have a rest since I think I must still be jet lagged but I really was interested in the next workshop, 5 Movements of Prana ::Hoop:: with Michelle Nayeli.

I’ll have to be honest, I went to the workshop but I wasn’t as present as I wanted to be. I was tired and the air was really damp and heavy from the rain. I got a mild headache so I didn’t participate as fully as I wanted to. I should have taken some time for self care and sat the workshop out but Michelle is such a graceful dancer that I was captivated by her movements and wanted to study her grace. We explored several ideas in yoga about energy transfer, our connection to the earth and applied it to hooping. I just started doing yoga again a few weeks ago so I had a hard time following along but Michelle explained the concepts really well. Every subtle movement was filled with grace and celebration for life. It was truly inspirational.

We closed today’s workshops with an informative meeting led by Jaguar Mary. She talked about the healers that are available during the workshops and there were demos by the teachers. I was blown away by the demos and I felt good about hooping again. The past year has been a rough journey for me as a hooper due to things I need to let go of in my personal life and I believe I got a good start today.

A transformation is on the horizon.

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