The Climbing Capricorn

Catching up on the Blog Entries from Bali since I got a little behind. This one was form  4/24/14

Well, it’s Thursday night and I’m wrapping up my time here at Sacred Circularities. I’ll be heading back home on Saturday with a brief stop over in Japan to say hello. Japan is my favorite place in the world so I’m really excited.

Today I woke up and my roommate, Cinder and I did a photo shoot around the retreat site. The pictures were gorgeous and I’m looking forward to posting them.

High Priestess After the photo shoot I had a healing with Laurie. We decided to work on a lot of the issues that I have with my family. During most of the healings, the healers have called in our ancestors and I’ve felt really uncomfortable with that. I’ve felt a lot of pain from my relationships with my family through the years and it contributes a lot to my feelings of insecurities and shyness.

Laurie is an amazing healer though and went into the quantum field to rearrange the energies surrounding my family life. I was able to discard a lot of hurt I’ve felt from my family and although I still don’t feel 100% completely comfortable with my ancestors, I was able to go back and think about my linage. I contemplated my Lebanese background and my Arab connection to the Jewish line and the Jewish line’s connection to Jesus, one of the greatest healers ever. This helped me open up to healing ideas about my family by thinking about all of the Biblical figures who could possibly be my distant relatives. It made me curious about researching my family tree and seeing how far back I can trace my roots. Laurie reminded me that the healing work is going to change things so be aware of the changes in my body.

I went to class with Nayeli after the healing but I wasn’t really present again. I was still thinking about the healing session and letting all of that settle. However, Nayeli’s classes are all about flow and I was able to use flow to release some of the feelings I had left over from the healing. I feel really bad because there’s always something emotional going on with me during Nayeli’s classes so I’m going to try to really be there and present for her last one.

I had lunch at the Elephant with some of my new friends and it was really enjoyable.

After lunch I went to Laurie’s Cellular Illumination where we learned the basics of the same healing techniques that Laurie practiced on me today. The thing that stood out to me during the healing practice was the presence of Sacred Geometry. The more I’m in Bali, the more Sacred Geometry infiltrates my life. I was already learning a little about it through my Qabalah studies and I want to delve into it deeper.

After the healing Gail taught another wonderful workshop called Lines, Angels, Curves and Tiny Throws. Gail’s classes have helped me realize that the main areas of hooping that I focus on are isolations, tosses, rolls and breaks. However, she brings angels and lines into it, things that I don’t really think about but have an understanding of because of my 7 years of doing poi. I really enjoy her classes because they bring so much poi into hooping and I haven’t really studied with anyone who has a strong understanding of poi. Once again, Gail presented a great class.

After class we had a break. I caught up on some work and ate some dinner. Then it was time for drum circle hoop jam. Sometimes I start to feel really shy during big gatherings and the shyness hit at the drum circle. But I decided that I was going to use the creative energy in the room to master shoulder stand hooping. I drilled and drilled and was actually able to one up myself and flip over from the shoulder stand and go into a three legged downward dog with hooping.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been able to have some yoga hooping breakthroughs during this trip and yoga hooping is not my thing. Just up until about a month ago, if someone mentioned yoga, I would storm out of the room. But I guess my inner yogi is awakening.

The end of the drum circle involved a lot of dancing and I was feeling tired. I’ve noticed that when I get tired, my confidence level also goes down so I crept away and retreated to my writing space for my self care time. I ended up chilling out with a couple of the girls in the restaurant and having a nice little come down from a day of intense development.

I’ve had a good day working through lots of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. I’m a Capricorn and I’m always climbing up hill, reaching for the next goal and I’ve been smashing barriers this week. I feel strong in my mind, body and spirit. I’m interested to see what all of this development brings once I’m back home in the States.

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