It Was a Sacred Geometry Kind of Day

Wednesday morning got off to a rough start again. It’s my inner night owl rearing her head I guess. I had a super emotional breakfast where I cried the whole time and I started to worry that I would become known as “The Crying Blogger”. However, my new friends were there to comfort me and I ended up having a long, wonderful conversation with Ameilia from Canada who I connected with yesterday.

I had to cut the conversation short when I realized I was going to be late for the 5 Elements workshop with Maliki, one of our resident healers. Most of the group went to the WaterTemple for a blessing but some of us couldn’t go because of strict rules about blood. Hence,my beaten up knee disqualified me.

The 5 Elements Ceremony was super intense. We journeyed through the 5 Elements in dance, starting with our breath in air and moving through earth with stomping feet, fire with shaking and water with flowing movements. Then we all danced ecstatically together at the end to honor spirit. To be completely honest, I haven’t danced that hard since my days of partying at psytrance raves in the Japanese Mountains. It felt good to move all the energy through me and discard things in my heart I didn’t need. I found myself praying for the people who have wronged me and working towards forgiving them.

Maliki is doing a teacher training in Sedona this falkland if the universe permits, I’d like to attend. I’ve come to realize that I want to make a career out of writing, hooping and spirituality and receiving more training and going to more workshops will help me get some ideas about how to make this idea a reality. It’s slowly manifesting itself and hopefully, when my novel drops, I’ll get the income that I need to get more certifications.

After the ceremony I jumped in the pool because I was covered in sweat. Then it was lunch time.

I decided that since it was open market day, I wouldn’t miss much if I took a trip to town to visit Starchild, a Sacred Geometry massage pallor. I made a promise that would only bring jewelry back from Bali and the pendants I’d seen from Starchild were absolutely beautiful.

I caught a cab and headed out on my adventure. It was so magical driving through Bali in the day time. There were temples and statuses of gods and goddess tucked everywhere. Places like this, dreamworlds that are outside of Western time, are my favorite places to travel to. We
came to a wooded area called Monkey Forrest where monkeys ran through the street and sat on top of roves like stray cats. I watched baby monkeys rolling around with their parents and it was super cute!

The jewelry I came to see at Starchild did not let me down. There was sacred geometry everywhere! Some of the pendants were really expensive but I was determined to take home a nice peace as a lasting, meaningful souvenir.

My massage was about $10 for 1 hour and it was amazing. It felt so good to be pampered. After the massage, I spent about a half hour trying to choose a pendant but I finally chose a beautiful one in my price range.

The surreal part came when I touched the pendant as I was looking for a taxi and realized that I’d written about a very similar piece of jewelry in my novel before I ever came to Bali. I stopped for a moment and felt awestruck by the sycroncities surrounding my writing, spiritual life and this trip to Sacred Circularities.

When I returned to Anada Cottages, I headed to the market,where people were selling their wares. It felt like I stepped into another world and I was suddenly surrounded by conscious people who came together to build a vision of the world that we want to see.

There was a fashion show that showcased all the beautiful clothes, flowing dresses and garments covered in Sacred Geometry. There were also some relaxed, natural looks for the guys.

After the fashion show there was a hoop showcase. I had originally signed up to do burlesque hooping but I decided not to because I had hurt my knee. However, there was a reverse burlesque hooping (putting your clothes on while you hoop) contest that I jumped into so I got to do burlesque hoop anyway. It was just meant to be. I got stuck putting on a pair of stretch pants or else I would have won.

All of the performances were great and I was really inspired to watch all the women I have been training with do their thing for the “village” we had created.

After the showcase I needed some me time so I had dinner by myself and got some work done. All and all, it was an awesome day.


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