The Universe is Filled with Abundance

Thursday the winner of the Biddy Tarot with Confidence Tarot Foundations II Class scholarship was announced …

and I wasn’t a winner.  My heart sank a little when I read the news because I REALLY, REALLY wanted to be in the class. Brigit’s last class was so much fun and I made so many awesome friends in it! The class really kicked off a period of growth and healing in my life so I sighed and tried to shake off the disappointment. I knew that someone else in need of a scholarship deserved the class but I couldn’t help feeling selfish.  My boyfriend told me to shake off my pouty face but it kept creeping across my lips throughout the evening. I was working on accepting the fact I couldn’t be in TF2 and trying my best to be grateful that I was in TF1 but I was still disappointed.

Friday morning I woke up and checked my e-mail while I was getting ready for work. I thought about not getting the scholarship again and sighed, clicking through all my junk mail and trying to find something interesting to focus on distract me from my disappointment.  An e-mail from Brigit entitled “Beautiful News” caught my eye and I clicked on it, thinking it was the weekly Biddy Tarot newsletter.  I skimmed it, looking for something interesting and I realized that it wasn’t a newsletter at all. It was actually addressed personally to me.  “Wait a minute,” I thought “I need to read that again,” and zeroed in on the message.

“Hi Sarah
I have some beautiful news to share. One gorgeous soul from TF1 & 2 SO wanted you to be in TF2 that they wrote to me today and offered to pay for your course – like a scholarship from them to you. I was so incredibly touched, as I bet you will be too.

They wish to remain anonymous but I wanted to let you know that thanks to them, you’re now in TF2!! Kim will get you set up.
We have some amazing people on this earth!!


I sat on the edge of the bed with my mouth hanging open in disbelief and gratitude. I couldn’t believe that a mysterious friend out there enjoyed my company in the class so much that they paid for me to take it.  I have a long drive to work, and the whole way I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredibly blessed I’ve been this year.

Honestly, it was like the blindfold in the 8 of Swords just came off and here I was, finally seeing my life for what it is, a blessing of abundance.  Becaue this year, the Universe has really spoiled me and I’ve been kind of ungrateful.

I’ve received a lot of amazing gifts this year, from  waking up everyday next to my soul mate, to being hired to blog for Sacred Circularities in Bali, to the scholarship for Biddy Tarot TF1 class,  to getting back on Ohio Valley Wrestling and my partnership with my awesome teammate and good friend, Chris Silvio, being featured in the New York Times in a couple of weeks, and all the new and old friends who have been there along the way, to name just a few.

You see, I was sort of in the haze of a depression due to financial problems. But the blessings have been too great to ignore. So here is a message to my Mysterious Friend.  I asked Brigit and Kim to share it with my sponsor but I want to post it publicly because I truly am grateful.

“I felt the reality of the generous blessing in your gift and marveled at the abundance in the universe and how it manifests itself through the kindness of people like you. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and it’s still sinking in. It’s through your kindness that I feel inspired to give my abundance back to the world in all the ways that I can. I can only imagine what kind of caring, giving person you are, and I know that the universe takes care of you and always gives back to you because you live a life full of loving kindness. Best of luck to you in your studies and I am truly honored to call you a friend, whoever you may be. I look forward to studying with you and growing together to be the best Tarot readers we can be!

Have a beautiful day <3″

I think this quick three card reading I did for myself before I started this entry sums up where I am in my life right now.

The 9 of pentacles shows that once I take off the blindfold of the 8 of swords, I finally will see all of the abundant blessings I have in my life.   My Mysterious friend, the Queen of Cups, has really opened my eyes and I thank her for showing me just how abundant my life actually is.

To receive abundance you must give abundantly, even if all you have to give is love and kindness.

To receive abundance you must give abundantly, even if all you have to give is love and kindness.

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