A Simple Lammas

This Lammas I honor the gift of my writing and pray that it will bring a fruitful harvest

This Lammas I honor the gift of my writing and pray that it will bring a fruitful harvest

Keeping Lammas simple this year. I bought the lovely set you see here today at an antique/thrift store. It was funny because the Tarot card I pulled on my Tarot App today was The Star and the goddess on the card was Ishtar, who has a lot in common with Isis. Some even speculate that they are just different cultural interpretations of the same goddess because deities in the ancient world sometimes blended together across cultural lines.  

Honestly, I got really down last night because I thought I was in the running for a job I really wanted but received word that I need an expensive certification to qualify for the position. That really bummed me out because I’m ready for a change but the time for change isn’t here yet.¬† So the¬† appearance of the Star made me feel like I haven’t been forgotten.¬† And to follow that up, it seems like the company is interested in me if I get the certification. In fact, the woman I spoke to is even going to help me try to find out more about affordable ways to obtain it.¬† She was super awesome and I’d love to call her my boss one day! Nothing wrong with setting an intention ^^

Back to Lammas. In all actuality, I’d forgotten that today was Lammas so I was really happy when I realized my Isis set came to me today as a present for my temple¬† (where I keep my altars and shrines at home)! I was actually able to talk the dealer down to $9 for the whole set so it was a steal! I had a really stressful day at work so I was ready to give all my stress up when I came home. I found a place for the Isis set after moving some things around and it¬† looks really great in my sacred space.¬† Once the rearranging was done, I sat down, meditated, shed a few tears because summer is almost gone and offered bread and libations to The Lord and Lady.

Each Sabbat I set an intention and usually, it’s about my writing. It’s wonderful to look back and see how far my story has come since Yule. My intention for Lammas is that I want to reap the abundance of my creative gift and get professional published.I’ve worked super hard on this manuscript¬† (working on editing the 2nd draft seen here) for the past year and although it’s only 62,000 words, I have a whole series drafted so I don’t think a short first book is a bad thing. It ends at an appropriate stopping point and leaves the reader wondering what happens next while tying up some loose ends. I’m really close (only about 100 pages away) from having a complete third and final draft of the first book so I’m feeling really nervous as the time draws near to start approaching agents and publishing houses. I pray that the Divine guides me in the completion of the final draft of my manuscript and guides it into the hands of an agent or editor that will help make my series a success before the next Lammas.

How about you? Lammas is a festival that celebrates the first harvest. What have you been working on this past year? How is your first harvest? Is it abundant or do you need to focus on your intentions more? Are you setting new intentions?

Whatever your intentions may be, may you all of you have a prosperous harvest and reap the fruit of the seeds you have sown.

So mote it be.

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