The Ace of Swords and Ace of Wands

Backstory: I met Brenda Drake, the hostess of Pitch Wars, and author of LIBRARY JUMPERS (due out in 2015), on Twitter.  Brenda reached out to me and encouraged me to enter Pitch Wars and after reading the competition rules, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. Last weekend I started researching the mentors and pulling Tarot cards to see which ones the cards favored to accompany my research.  Of course, I took this opportunity to try to get the attention of some of the mentors because I’m a social media wench.

Brenda Tweet

I was surprised when Brenda replied and enthusiastically and asked me to do a reading for her.  Brenda’s question is “Will my books be successful next year?”

Brenda's Question is "Will My Books Be Successful Next Year?"

“Will my books be successful next year?”

As always, adhering to the “if it falls on the floor it comes in the door” rule, I’m looking at the cards off to the side first. They tell me the overall energy of the reading and may provide clues as to what Brenda can do to influence the outcome of her goal positively. The cards that jumped out while I was shuffling are the Queen of Swords and the Nine of Swords.

In all actuality, I was tempted to just stop right there because the answer was so direct and to the point. The Queen of Swords is a woman who is pure intellect divorced from emotions. Her understanding of the world is cold and calculating with no emotions attached to anything. The Nine of Swords shows that all of Brenda’s doubts and fears come from  her emotional attachment to her work. Only when she realizes that her fears are all in her head and becomes like the Queen of Swords will she be able to really have the confidence in her work she needs to make it a success. That’s understandable, however. Most creative people, at some point or another,  struggle with this.

Journey into Numerology

Now let’s get down to business with the reading. The key to really understanding this reading is in the numerology. If we look at the numbers on the card, we see that the reading counts down backwards from 8 to 1. Therefore, the key to Brenda’s success lies at working backwards through all the things that happened that have made her question her work and arrive at the place where she was when she really believed in her work. Let’s take at just the numbers on the cards and see what they mean.

  • 8 of Cups and if you want to get technical, the Star (which is XVII, but in numerology 1+7 can also be read as 8).  These cards represent movement.
  • VII The Chariot- Sevens represent Reflection and Inner Awareness.
  • 6 of Swords. Ah, our key problem. Broken communication and how to fix it.
  • 5 of wands Shaky Foundations and Conflict
  • 4 of  Wands Strong Foundation
  • II The High Priestess Balance
  • I The Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords and The Magician New Beginnings

For some reason, 3 never came up ::shrugs:: Perhaps that’s the lesson she’s missing in the numerology since it was skipped — Union and Trinity. This could be the answer to why her relationship with her first agent didn’t work out: It just wasn’t a good match.

So if we take these numbers to represent Brenda’s journey, we can see why she’s frustrated. Things seemed really awesome, like she could do anything at first but reflecting on the lesson of the 6 of Swords and 5 of Wands and moving them has been rough. Now that we have an idea of what her journey has been like, let’s find out what she can do to ensure her success.

The Cards

The First row tells the story of what happened before with the 8 of Cups, the Star and the Chariot. Brenda wasn’t happy with her old agent because he or she wasn’t living up to her hopes and expectations. Brenda decided to get out of the contract and this moved her book forward in the direction she wanted it to go in the publication process

The second row is Ace of Swords, Judgement and Six of Swords. The Ace of Swords indicates that Brenda is taking a new direction and she can see her goals clearly again. But the Six of Swords indicates that she still carries the weight from her bad experience with her even though she got out of her contract.  The horn of Gabriel in Judgement indicates that her story will be heard and she needs to pay attention to the lessons to be learned from the Six of Swords. In fact, I would recommend researching the Six of Swords, meditating on it and figuring out what that energy means personally in order to really understand why it is the most problematic card in this reading.  Also consider its positive meanings.

The third row contains the Ace of Wands, Four of Wands and Five of Wands. I think that another big key to understanding this reading is understanding the balance needed between the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Swords. There wasn’t a balance between the mental, intellectual side of business and the passionate, social side of selling your work.  This time, Brenda needs to combined her logic and reason in her networking with influential people who can help her. There is also a potential for travel, maybe to promote her books.

The Four and Five of Wands indicates that there is a potential for a bountiful harvest but she’s going to have to fight for it.

The last row is the outcome in this reading. The Knight of Swords is the key person that Brenda will be working with to make her books a success. This person likes to get the job done, and do it right. He or she can be hasty and hard headed. This person wants things done their way and can only be swayed by logical, reasonable, well planned and presented arguments. Brenda has trouble with the Knight of Swords, she must present her case in a very logical way in order to sway the Knight of Sword’s opinion.

The High Priestess indicates that Brenda knows all of this and she must recognize that these are the steps she has to take for success.

The Magician in the final position is very favorable and it has a lot of meaning because if we go back to our numerology, it’s a 1, which means new beginnings. Likewise, it also represents the beginning of Brenda’s journey when she was hopeful and energetic and felt like she can conquer the world. The message here is that nothing has changed, really. Brenda is still the master of her own destiny and she can still manifest her dreams. Brenda will be successful if she continues to balance her passion with her intellect and believes in her dream until it becomes a reality.




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