Ten of Pentacles

When the ten of pentacles appears in a Tarot reading, it points to happiness and abundance in your home life. It can also indicate an inheritance. 

If you read the post Four of Swords and Death, you know that my Tarot and witchcraft teacher, Lady G, just passed away and I feel sort of unsettled because we had a falling out and never made amends.  You also may remember that the night before I heard she went into hospice, the Four of Swords, Death and the 10 of Pentacles  stood out to me in my Tarot reading and led me to boldly predict someone would physically die. Four of Swords and Death, in my experiences, usually signal a literal, physical death, unlike the death card in other combinations that signals a metaphorical death.  I thought the 10 of Pentacles at the time referred to an inheritance.  I wondered what my teacher would leave someone who she let go from her circle of friends. Nothing was the obvious answer. So I wrote it off as being a metaphorical inheritance.

But the 10 of Pentacles still bothered me. I felt like I was missing something in the message. There had to be something else to it.

Last night in my meditations before I went to bed, I said my usual good night to my angels and when I got to Michael, I was filled with the peace he usually brings with him when he’s called upon. I thought about the statue of Archangel Michael dressed like a Templar, at the church across the street from my Lady G’s shop. I usually don’t associate the church with the shop and I put two and two together and realized that Michael was probably one of Lady G’s guardian’s too since I knew she worked with angels but was secretive about it. All of a sudden, I felt like I needed to go to the shop. In all honesty, before that experience, I had no intention of actually going to the shop and taking advantage of the going out of business sale. But that association left me feeling like it was a little nudge that was mean to encourage me to drop by.

But the depth of the meaning of 10 of pentacles doesn’t stop there.

The second part of the meaning hit me today when I was out and about running errands. I was on  the way to visit my friend, Genna, at her sewing studio and I remembered that Lady G had a wedding present for Genna that she never picked up. I realized that perhaps the meaning of the 10 of Pentacles is that the present Lady G left for Genna was probably something to bring abundance to her marriage. I stopped by Genna’s studio since I was in the area and let her know that Lady G passed.  Then I asked her if she wanted me to pick up the gift. Genna said that Lady G called a couple of weeks ago and said she had to see her but Genna didn’t have time to stop by.  However, Genna was completely unaware, like a lot of people who knew Lady G, of how sick she really was.

I left Genna’s and headed home because I needed to make a shopping list. I also  grabbed my Archangel Micahel sigil along with a few Michael charms for guidance and strength, put them in my pocket and went to the shop.

When I got there, the shop was bustling with people who had come to remember Lady G and check out the merchandise. On a sidenote, I saw a $165 crystal ball I really want but couldn’t afford. I asked if Lady G’s private collection of books was for sale and her helper, Danny, told me they were. I dove into the bookshelves and ended up taking a pile of books about Qabalah and angel magick home with me. I always suspected she knew way more than she let on when I asked her questions but for whatever reason, she refused to provide me with outright guidance in my studies. I couldn’t help but feel annoyed that there were so many answers I was seeking right there on the shelf and she refused to teach me about them. But in the end, the knowledge got passed to me through her anyhow.

I stayed for a while and talked to Danny. He’s having a hard time because she was his caretaker.  It was nice to reconnect with him and members of the community I hadn’t seen in a while. my I was an integral part of the Matrix community for a year and a lot of the members were very puzzled by my abrupt departure. A community member even asked where I’d been (honestly, I was surprised anyone remembered me because I really kept to myself) and I told her that my path had taken a turn towards Qabalah and angel magick and away from Wicca.

There was actually an awkward moment when I was piling the books I wanted to buy on the counter. It felt like everyone who was hanging out was staring at me because I was buying so many books from her personal collection but there were just too many good books to pass up.  I had so many books I could barely carry them to the car and good Qabalah and angel magick books are really hard to come by. Or maybe it was because the antiquer in my came out and I tried to strike a deal for the crystal ball and that kind of pissed everyone off? The Capricorn businesswoman switch was flipped on and maybe I came across sounding cold. But to be fair, I did a favor for Lady G. I came to get the present that she lovingly made for Genna and I’m going to give it to Genna because Genna doesn’t have time to pick it up herself.

But in all honesty, I felt like a looter, making off with a wealth of knowledge. However, it was knowledge I asked for and I received it– just not in the way I wanted to receive it. In all honesty, I wish Lady G had taken me on as a Qabalah student but I have no idea how far her knowledge in the subject reached even though I knew from going through her books that it’s a lot deeper than mine.  So delievering the present to Genna is also may way of paying Lady G for the books on a personal level.

So there it is, the inheritance — a wealth of amazing books that will help me continue to work toward cracking the Qabalah because I currently have no teacher.

On my way to the car, I stopped by the statue of Archangel Michael and left him a couple of tiny topaz beads to thank him for the heads up. And I thought about how even though Lady G is gone, in a way, she is still passing down knowledge to me and many others.

Perhaps this is her way of making peace with me.

Archangel Michael slaying the Devil



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