Ten of Pentacles … continued?

When the Ten of Pentacles appears, it sometimes means that you will become financially successful. 

 I thought all the lessons from my Four of Swords, Death and Ten of Pentacles reading had revealed themselves even though in my gut, I knew the Ten of Pentacles in this scenario had a much deeper lesson that what was revealed.

So after my trip to Lady G’s, I admitted how down in the dumps I actually was about her death. I had an Ogham (Druid divination) lesson with my Ogham teacher, Erika, and even though I thoroughly enjoyed my studies,  I felt blah inside.

I walked home. It was chilly and damp outside and I started to think about how nervous I am about launching Where There is No Night. In all honesty, the fact that this project is coming together is really making me anxious because I’ve worked so hard on my story and I want to hook people. I’m almost there but some of the elements of the story need a little more balancing. I spent a lot of time messaging with my editor at strange hours because she’s in Australia and I’m in the US and I just felt frustrated with my story and even thought about throwing it in the trash can again.

I kept thinking back to the crystal ball I saw in Lady G’s shop the day before.  My best friend, who lives in California, offered to buy it for me when I told her about it but I felt bad taking her up on the offer because it was expensive. But something told me to go back for it.

I got in my car and drove down to the shop as soon as I got home. When I walked in, Danny was sitting at his desk looking sad. I tried to cheer him up but I was feeling sad being in the shop and knowing Lady G wasn’t in the back too.

After I bought the crystal ball, we started talking about Lady G. I pulled up a chair and sat down with Danny.  We started to reminiscence about her and I told him about how I felt sad about mine and Lady G’s falling out. I got a little choked up and so did Danny. It led to us both having a good cry about it. Danny told me that Lady G always talked about me and even though it wasn’t always good (because that’s just the kind of person she was) she never thought we weren’t friends. He reminded me that she was very sick and sometimes sick people aren’t very nice. I work in home healthcare part-time so I understood what he meant. Then another customer came in who was upset about Lady G’s death and Danny started to fill him in on what happened. I said good-bye, took my crystal ball, along with a couple candles, incense and a huge Astrology dictionary and went home.

"Does this thing come with an instruction manual?"

The King of Pentacles, the Empress and the Three of Pentacles. I like how the King of Pentacles looks like he has a crystal ball. Looks like in some way, this thing is going to be the key to me becoming the king of my financial life.

Once I got home, I set my crystal ball down in front of the Christmas tree and tried to figure out how to use it.   I ended up watching this video, which was a huge help!

I realized that scrying with a crystal ball is just the same as scrying with anything else and approached the puzzling object with a little more clarity (no pun intended). I decided to use Tarot, the divination method I’m the most comfortable with, to start exploring using the crystal ball.  I looked at Tarot cards through the ball and tried to gain new insights from the distortion of the images,  but I still didn’t get much from it.

Then I decided to combine some of my Ogham studies with my crystal ball. I saged the room,  carved the Ogham for Birch (active driving out energy) on a silver candle and the Ogham for Rowan (passive, shielding energy) on a red candle and put them behind the crystal ball. Then I lit some frankincense incense (for the season) and that’s when things started getting really trippy. What the guy in the video says is true: the crystal ball does show the spirits around you and allows you to chose which ones to work with and which ones to stay away from. It was fascinating to have a glimpse into how many spirits are around us at all times. Of course, I went straight to looking for angels because while writing Where There is No Night, chasing angels became one of my favorite past times.

My boyfriend came home with his friend and we sat around and played with the crystal ball. I enjoyed just holding it because it has such good energy. I never believed in the healing power of crystals before I really connected with the ball . Earlier in the day, I drew the king of Pentacles, the Empress and Three of Pentacles (pictured in the image above). The king sits with the pentacle in his lap like I was sitting with it in the chair and the three of us passed the crystal ball around like in the three of pentacles. So my reading was pretty damn accurate.

After my boyfriend’s friend left, my boyfriend caught me sitting in the chair, cradling the ball and smiling. He asked me why I had such a goofy look on my face and I said because the crystal had good energy.  I told him to come hold the ball with me and we projected our love into the ball. I put it back on the stand in front of the red rowan candle. It started to glow and a shining, red heart appeared in the center. My boyfriend saw it too.  I said, “Look, there’s our love in the crystal ball,” and we curled up on the couch together. We watched in the light of the ball and watched all the crazy shapes the candle behind it made.  I saw blinking eyes, crazy faces and even a  big cat face, among other things. Eventually, it got too trippy for my boyfriend but I stayed up and practiced gazing into it until the early AMs. I also spent some time studying the astrology book I bought and made some leeway into working with with the angles that govern different phases of the moon .

All in all, it was a beautiful day and I felt that the wealth the ten of pentacles brings had blessed me once again. Most importantly, I got closure in Lady G’s passing and was able to finally make peace with her in my heart.

But I  found out the next day that the 10 of Pentacles had more lessons to teach me.

The next day I took the crystal ball work further and decided to try to work some magick with it. I made a sigil during the last full moon and worked with it a little to get the feel of it before I fully  activated it on Yule.  I decided to try sticking it under the crystal ball and then project candle light through it and see what results I got. It was pretty fucking fantastic, actually. The crystal ball turned into a huge orb of glowing, bright orange and yellow light. It looked like the sun was sitting right in front of me. I saw eclipses and blinking eyes that reminded me of seraphim  wings. The glowing, yellow light was always present during my gazing.  I wrapped my hands around it and recited what I’d written on my sigil. It was a very powerful experience and best of all, it helped me release all my fears about my goals I’m working towards.  I realized that the pentagram on the sigil projected through the crystal ball in the glowing light looked like one of the pentacles on the 10 of pentacles.

But I don’t think the lessons of the 10 of Pentacles is finished yet. I’m coming to find that it’s a card with very deep, intricate, joyful, energy. I did a reading for myself for 2015 and the 10 of Pentacles came up again so the lessons are gong to keep abundantly giving for a while. I feel I’ve gained a deeper insight to the 10 of Pentacles and so when it appears in a reading for a client, I’ll be able to communicate it’s message with deeper meaning to my clients. I feel really wealthy to be able to experience the 10 of Pentacles this way.

In conclusion, I think between the books I got from my teacher and the crystal ball, I will be able to hone my skills and have more to offer my clients in 2015. I hope I can get good enough with the crystal ball  to start using it to give readings for people because I don’t know anyone in the area who does crystal ball readings and it would be something different and unique.

 Do you have a crystal ball and if you do, how do you use yours? Have you done accurate readings with it?

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