Check Out What’s New in 2015!

I have some exciting new products I’m offering in the month of January!  As always, to make sure I get your question, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to submit your question.

Four Seasons Tarot Reading $20

Four Seasons1

The first is  a temporary product that has been doing so well that I’ve decided to continue offering it until February. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall — as the year progresses, our lives change along with the seasons. That’s why I’ve created the Four Seasons Reading 2015 forecast. It’s a 4 card reading featuring a card to represent each season. You’ll get an idea of how the energies of the seasons and the energies in your life come together to create the conditions that will work for and against you over the next year. The information in this reading will give you the insight you need to create the your best year yet!


Tarot Pendant One Card Reading

I’m really excited about this next product because it combines three things I love: Fashion, art and Tarot. Often times, a one card Tarot reading can be very insightful and personal, but often times, the reading leaves you wanting more. I’m really excited about this next product because it combines three things I love: Fashion, art and Tarot. Not only do you get a one card reading, but you get to take the card with you, wear it, and study it’s meaning as you carry it with you throughout your day.  I’ve started wearing my Tarot cards from my daily one card readings and the lessons I’ve absorbed from wearing the pendant as a reminder of what to expect have been overwhelming. And best of all, the pendant and the reading are just $20 (not including shipping and handling).

And if you want another one card reading, the pendant opens so you can switch out the card and add another! Add ons are just $10 + shipping and handling.


Lastly, I’m hoping to release my Tarot novel series this year which is really exciting! Stay tuned for more announcements!

Thanks for growing with me! 2015 is going to be a big year for all of us!

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