Magick is Sexy

The Lovers is a tarot card that oozes with sexual energy. When this card appears, expect sensual love, beauty and creativity to be amplified. 

I drew the card, Love, today. It’s the Goddess Tarot version of the card, the Lovers and features the goddess, Venus. Although the Lovers is not traditionally ruled by Venus, I disrgarded that because the Goddess Tarot strays from tradition. It was an interesting coincidence because a few days ago, I did a reading for a client that was nothing but cards ruled by or influenced by Venus.  Readings that are really intricate and deep, like the one I did for this client, stick with me for days as I dive deeper into the meaning of the reading on my own and use them as case studies. I’ve been contemplating the attributes of the goddess archetype over the past few days.  So it was only appropriate that the energy appeared in my daily reading.

Today I was sitting on a very long and annoying customer call, doodling in my Llywellyn 2015 planner when I came across an article called Seduction Magic by Suzanne Ress.  The article likened spell work to the art of seduction.

“Seduction is all about enticement, luring, capturing attention, and, especially, charming with sensual appeal.” Llewellyn’s Witches Date Book 2015 pp 19.

The article went on to explain how you can apply the term “seduction” to more than just the art of sex .

“Whether you are seducing a potential sexual partner, a new business partner, a new business client, or a non-human property such as money, luck, health or happiness, in magical spellwork, you goal is to capture what you desire …”  Llewellyn’s Witches Date Book 2015 pp 19.

It made me stop for a minute and think about my own magical practice by redefining the meaning of seduction for me.

“Techniques used in erotic seduction and in seduction magic for spell casting always, almost with exception, appeal to all six senses. ” Llewellyn’s Witches Date Book 2015 pp 19.

It dawned on me that the best spellwork I’ve done has involved all the senses and setting the mood. I often do this by building altars to represent the energy that I want to invite into my life.  So tonight, I invited Venus, a goddess who brings creativity, beauty and love with her,  to help me with wrapping up these edits I’ve been struggling with in my series.  I built her an altar with sea shells, candles and dried flowers. I offered her a glass of blush wine, anointed her candle with rose oil (and put on some rose oil myself) and now it’s time to get to work. We’ll see if I can seduce the goddess to bless me with her influence.

Magick is the Art of Seduction

Magick is the Art of Seduction

As a highly sexual person who makes sensuality a part of my every day life, I want to hear from you about how you can sex up your magickal practice.

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