The World Egg

(From my Instagram)  Excerpt from Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah — Source Works of Aleister Crowley by JFC Fuller

I’ve been exploring my own #InnerDarkness through my #writing recently. Some of the archetypes I explored frightened me but I confronted them (in proper, safe way) in order to understand #balance. Through this, I came to know the darkness of the womb of the earth where the seed takes root and grows. Now I feel like a chicken trying to peck out of an egg. I’m about to wrap up the 5th draft of the first book of my series and I’ve never been more excited about something I’ve written. If anything, it’s a metaphor for my eternal soul’s long journey

#tarort #astrology #divination #SelfHelp #Occult #witchy #pagan #SelfEmpowerment #numerology #motivational #inspirational #qabalah #angels #archangels #LightAndDark #FallenAngels #WorldEgg #Qabalah

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