I Crown Myself the Queen of Wands on Beltane

When Jupiter went direct and Venus entered Gemini, all of a sudden, the World Egg burst open with a phone call for an exciting job opportunity in Denver. I applied for the job a year prior but didn’t get it because I needed a certification. But they remembered me and called me back when a position opened up and I decided to take a big leap of faith and moved out to Colorado to try it out for a month.

For a long time, I felt stuck in a rut. I kept pulling the Queen of Wands for who I’m supposed to become. My friend and awesome fashion designer, Rebekah Trigg,  picked me up from work on Friday and brought me out to Colorado Springs. When I saw the majestic mountains, I understood that the cards were right. I’m meant to be here for whatever reason and moving to Colorado is not an option.  In the evening, we briefly went to a parking lot in Garden of the Gods, a National Registered Landmark. I saw the huge, fiery orange rock formations and thought of the Queen of Wands again.

Rebekah sometimes designs couture costumes for me and also gives me ready to wear garments to enjoy as well so when she suggested we do a photo shoot at Garden of the Gods on Beltane, the name alone made me say, “Hell yes.”

So we went through her work and we put together a Queen of Wands piece.

We went out to Garden of the Gods and took a path called Siamese Twins Path (appropriate because Venus is still in Gemini). I ducked behind rock formations to change. The wind ruffled my cape and tossed my hair. And I felt like the Queen of Wands.

Here are some of the shots.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Beltane.


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