Tarot Forecast 10/25/15- 10/31/15


The card of the week is the World. The last of the four Venus conjunct Jupiter alignments happens on Sunday at 1:03 PM PST.  This incredibly beneficial aspect brings rebirth after the destruction of the four Blood Moons. After the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, you may have felt part of you died. For some, this period has been very painful but it’s given you the opportunity to choose how you want to be reborn. You’re like a chic who will die if it does not hatch from its egg. Break the shell and step into the new world that you will create for yourself. We also have a Full Moon in Venus ruled Taurus, bringing everything to completion that you’ve been working for in love and beauty. Also, Halloween, the Witch’s New Year, is Saturday. The veil between the worlds grows thin as the old year passes and the New Year begins. It is a time to honor’s one’s ancestors and thank them for where you are now as you look to the future. Call upon your ancestors to help guide you this week if you feel lost or confused.

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The ChariotThe card of the day is the Chariot. Yesterday, Mercury’s shadow period ended so any of the lingering static from Mercury Retrograde has cleared. You should start seeing movement forward in all aspects of your life now if you’ve felt a little stuck. The Moon is in the ambitious, energetic sign of Aries so you will be feeling especially motivated to get things moving today. Moon trine Saturn at 4:47 AM PST will bring a sense of duty to the early morning hours. You will do what you have to do if you’ve been feeling stagnant to get movement flowing in your life. At 1:03 PM PST, we have the final Venus conjunct Jupiter, bringing optimal happiness, harmony and good fortune. You’ll find that for the rest of the day, everything will seem to be going your way if you choose to focus on this energy and pay no mind to the anxiousness the remaining two aspects. Mercury opposition Uranus at 3:59 PM PST will speed your mind up and leave you feeling a little mentally clumsy. Slow down, take your time and you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of the mental dexterity this speedy transit brings. AT 8:27 PM PST, Moon square Pluto will leave you feeling on edge and emotional. Take some time out for yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed and do something relaxing like watch a movie or take a nice, hot bath. The number of the day is 7, a number that shows that due to stagnation, you haven’t been able to achieve everything that you’ve wanted, you’ve still done well for yourself. Keep pushing because we still have a couple days until Full Moon. You still have time to get to where you want to be.
Mantra: Moving right along.

4 of WandsMonday 10/26/15 4 of Wands
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Void of Course 5:25 AM PST
Moon Enters Taurus 11:07 PM PST
The 4 of Wands is a card that announces good news. Traditionally, a wedding is depicted on the card. It is a time of celebrating abundance and stability, especially in the home. The Moon is void of course for most of the day so it’s a time to receive whatever comes your way rather than put work in to accomplish things. Moon opposition Mercury will may make you want to vent your feelings but be mindful about the reality of what you’re venting about. You have a lot to be thankful for so don’t obsessive over trivial things. The number of the day is 8. If you’ve put the effort in, good things should come back to you today.
Mantra: Good things are on the way.

6_of_cupsTuesday 10/27/15 6 of Cups
Numerology: 2
Full Moon in Taurus 5:05 PM PST
It’s the Full Moon and everything you’ve been working towards should start to show the fruits of your labor. Traditionally, the card features an older boy giving a younger girl a chalice filled with flowers. This represents the sweet nostalgia of the past and how it unites with the future. It’s a good day to get in touch with old friends and remember the good times. Be thankful for where you’ve been and where you’re going. As the lunar cycle comes to culmination, look back and appreciate how much you’ve done to make your ambitions grow since New Moon. The Moon opposition Sun brings lots of energy. It encourages you to unite your dark side with your light side to bring union to your entire self. The Moon sextile Neptune echoes the lesson of the 6 of Cups: spend time with good friends and family. Be open to positive people and receiving the truth. Moon trine Pluto may overwhelm you with nostalgia but remember that this is a time to release energy, not hold on to it. The number of the day is 2, a number of balance.
Mantra: It’s good to look back at the past but don’t get stuck there.

7d87e5551233a95ab2861cc3db056764Wednesday 10/28/15 The Tower
Numerology: 3
Moon in Aquarius
Honestly, I’m so sick of the Tower showing up no matter what deck I use. It’s like, can’t we just have a break? You may feel everything was broken down but just when rebuilding starts, everything gets leveled again. So I guess what we really need to get out of this is that we’re still holding on to something causing this destructive energy to keep manifesting. When the Tower manifests itself, it will most likely be Friday due to all the aspects that occur. For clues as to what to expect when the flash from the Tower hits, it will be all about freedom since today, the Moon is in the freedom seeking sign of Aquarius. If anything is ripped away from you or you have any sudden realizations, it will be all about how to reclaim your own personal freedom. If there’s anyone taking advantage of you, you’ll know for sure who it is by Friday. Since I always read the Tower in the future position because 9 times out of 10, it always foretells what will happen in a couple of days. As for today, however, treat it as the calm before the storm. The aspects of the day are all very favorable. Moon trine Jupiter will leave you feeling generous, jolly and happy in the early morning hours. Moon trine Venus will bring love, peace and harmony to you as you get ready for the work day. And Moon trine Mars will bring you elevated confidence to accomplish everything you’re after at work today. The Moon is void of course for most of the day so just go with the flow and take things as they come. Late at night, the Moon enters the duality sign of Gemini, reminding you that you have to take the bitter with the sweet sometimes. The number of the day is 1, a number of new beginnings. Just be prepared for whatever does begin to be short lived.
Mantra: “Don’t you worry, about a thing, cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright.” – Bob Marley

JusitceThursday 10/29/15 Justice
Numerology: 2
Moon in Gemini
The card of the day is Justice and the Moon is in the polarized sign of Gemini. Whatever comes your way today is your karma. You’ll see what you’ve done to get you where you are and you may not like it. If you find yourself unhappy with the events of the day, know that you did this to yourself. Likewise, if you’re happy with what happens today, know that you made the right decisions and you are receiving the benefits of your own actions. Moon opposition Saturn may leave you feeling withdrawn. You may feel guilty for the things you’ve done but the first part of moving on from shame is accepting that you made a mistake and ceasing to dwell on it. Moon square Neptune my leave you with heightened sensitivity and you may feel tempted to lie to yourself or believe the lies other tell you. The number of the day is two, reminding you that peace is found by balancing your dark and light sides.
Mantra: Everyone makes mistakes. But how you deal with it determines the outcome.

Page of WandsFriday 10/30/15 Page of Wands
Numerology: 3
Moon Void of Course 7:52 PM PST
The card of the day is the Page of Wands. The page wants freedom and new experiences. He’s social and will try just about anything once just to see what the outcome will be. Although the Page can be fun, he can also be ignorant and make bad decisions that will affect him well into the foreseeable future. If the effects of the Tower, pulled on Wednesday, haven’t appeared now, today will be the day so keep the carefree energy of the Page in check. Moon square Jupiter will leave you feeling generous and jolly but you may come off as conceded to other people so be careful. Moon sextile Uranus may cause you to wake up feeling restless and anxious to hurry up and get to the weekend. You’ll be feeling the TGIF energy all day, especially with Halloween less than 24 hours away. You’ll feel congenial toward everyone you meet in the morning with Moon square Venus. You may even find yourself landing a date. But beware of smothering those you care about and doing anything in excess. Moon square Mars around 12:24 PM PST will leave you suddenly feeling irritable and pugnacious. Sun trine Neptune at 2:06 PM PST may leave you feeling taken advantage of. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do and set your boundaries with your coworkers, bosses, family and friends to avoid the negative effects of this transit. You will also have heightened intuition so go with your gut and let people know if you are feeling uncomfortable. Moon trine Mercury at 7:52 PM PST will allow you to have good conversations with anyone you meet in the evening. If you’re going to a party, you’ll enjoy exchanging ideas with old friends and making new ones. The number of the day is 3, a number of things coming together.
Mantra: I’ll try anything once, but I’ll think things through before I try them.

3 of wandsSaturday 10/31/15 3 of Wands
Numerology: 4
Moon Enters Cancer 7:35 PM PST
Happy Halloween! The Three of Wands is a card of anticipation. Traditionally, the figure looks out to sea and waits to act. You may be waiting for nightfall to go out and party, take your kids out trick-or-treating, or you may be looking for something to do, but whatever your Halloween plans end up being, you should have a good time. Moon trine Neptune at 2:44 PM PST will leave you dreaming of all the fun you’ll have tonight.  Moon trine Sun at 4:43 PM PST will bring, peace, harmony and flow to kick off your celebrations. It’s the Witch’s New Year and traditionally, a time to honor ancestors so take a minute to thank those that came before you for where you are now. The number of the day is 4, a number of stability and happiness.
Mantra: I’m going to have a Happy Halloween!

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here. All images are from the Botticelli Tarot deck published by Lo Scarabeco.

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