Weekly Tarot Forecast 11/22/15 – 11/28/15


It’s the 44th week of the year which in numerology, adds up to 4+4= 8. 8 is a number of karma, so expect your actions, both good and bad, to come back on you this week.  The card of the week is the 4 of cups, a card that shows a woman who appears to have had enough. Traditionally, the figure on the card is being offered a cup by a mysterious hand but the person does not see the opportunity and does not care to take it.  And with the aspects this week, you may feel like you’ve had enough and you don’t want anything more. Resist the urge in the face of challenges to ignore opportunities that wait for you when things fall apart. This week the Sun  enters the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius.  For the next month, expect jovial attitudes,  high ambition, generosity and optimism to rule supreme. However,  beware of the negative side of Sagittarius: arrogance.  Even though this week could be a little more trying than most but with the right mindset, you’ll get through it.

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All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time. For time conversions, go here.

3 of wandsSunday 11/22/15 3 of Wands
Numerology: 5
Moon in Aries
Moon Void of Course 11:16 AM
The 3 of Wands is a card that shows a man looking out to sea. He has the foresight to know that big changes are coming his way. Today is a day for you to look ahead and plan accordingly. If you’re up in the earlier part of the morning, Moon square Pluto at 6:00 AM PST will start your day off with a kick of excitement. You may feel ready to tackle anything today. Sun enters the energetic sign of Sagittarius at 7:26 AM PST and will stay there until 12/21. During this time, you’ll feel jolly and free but make sure not to fall into the trap of arrogance that Sagittarius sometimes brings. Moon opposition Venus at 8:57 AM PST will make it a good time to get out and meet people you could connect with on a romantic level. It’s also a good transit for clearing up difficulties with loved ones and seeing the positive side of the people you care about. The Moon goes void of course at 11:16 AM PST, so don’t force anything and let whatever today brings happen. The events of the will illuminate any big changes on the way. Today is bursting with potential and thus, the vibration of 5, overcoming obstacles, resonates throughout the day.
Mantra: The only time we have is now.

3 of SwordsMonday 11/23/15 3 of Swords
Numerology: 6
Moon in Capricorn
Moon Enters Taurus 8:26 AM PST
The card of the day is the Three of Swords, a card of heartbreaks and disappointments. It can also point to a love triangle or an unfaithful partner. Even though today has the potential to bring much pain, there is always the view that painful experiences can set us free if we are wise enough to walk away from things that no longer serve a purpose. Venus opposition Uranus at 2:13 PM PST will bring this into perspective because it will give you the desire to seek out new experiences in love and relationships if you’re struggling with moving on from a relationship or a job. However, this could cause disagreements with people who want you to stay put right where you are. Moon sextile Neptune will heighten your empathy. Follow your intuition, especially when dealing with people you feel are trying to hold you back or take advantage of you. Remember, if you have to ask yourself something, you most likely already know the answer. Mars sextile Saturn will remind you that if you need to leave something behind today, you will have to move forward with less and adopt a Spartan attitude. The Moon is in Taurus, so even if your stability feels threatened, see the beauty that comes with change. Progress will be slow but you will be thankful you made the change years from now. This is reflected in the number of the day, 6, a number of victory.
Mantra: Through moving on from painful circumstances, we become victorious.

Ace of PentaclesTuesday 11/24/15 Ace of Pentacles
Numerology: 7
Moon in Taurus
Moon Void of Course 5:26 PM
The card of the day is the Ace of Pentacles. This card traditionally shows a hand coming out of a cloud. The hand is holding a big, gold pentacle. You are being offered the opportunity to learn how to draw abundance to yourself. Look for the signs today that will show you what resources to tap. Moon trine Pluto at 6:56 AM PST bring a good romp in the bed with your significant other before work. Your emotions and intuition should be high and your passions will be strong. Moon trine Jupiter at 5:26 PM PST will leave you feeling happy and content for the early part of the evening. Mercury conjunction Saturn at 8:57 PM may find you winding down the evening with a sudden flash of negativity. To counter this, make sure you articulate your thoughts to others and analyze the details of anything that may be bothering you. Through this, you’ll be able to come out with a clear plan to get ahead. Mercury square Neptune late at night will draw you away from reality and into a world of dreams. Just make sure that the issues bothering you during Mercury conjunction Saturn don’t cause you to get stuck in a negative cycle of overthinking things. The number of the day is 7, a number that reminds us to reevaluate our lives.
Mantra: The only person holding me back from the abundance I deserve is me.

8_of_swordsWednesday 11/25/15 8 of Swords
Numerology: 8
Full Moon 2:44 PM PST
Moon Enters Gemini 9:15 AM PST
The card of the day is the 8 of Swords. Today there will be many disruptions but don’t wrap yourself in denial; strive to see these situations for what they actually are. You’ll feel ready to take on the world today with Mercury sextile Mars at 8:32 AM PST. Any work you do independently will be successful but working with others may be a struggle. You will have the ability to convince others to see things your way but it won’t be easy. However, you will find this struggle enjoyable, especially when you come out on top. Moon opposition Sun at 2:44 PM will bring similar energy to the Mercury sextile Mars transit but with the potential for more disruptions. You’ve got this as long as you remain objective in the face of opposition. Full Moon is also at 2:44 PM PST, so make sure you take a moment to check in and give thanks for everything that you’ve accomplished during this past lunar cycle. All of the conflicts that you’ve experienced may start to wear down on you by the time Moon opposition Saturn rolls around at 8:46 PM PST. You be exhausted and feel like you’ll never get where you’re going, especially with the energy of Moon square Neptune coming into play at 8:50 PM PST. At times like this, it’s best to get back to nature. If you live in a safe neighborhood and feel comfortable taking a late night walk, go outside and soak up the energy of the Full Moon. Feel it give you the boost of confidence you need to resolve all the conflicts you may have dealt with this week. Moon opposition Mercury at 11:26 PM PST will allow you to constructively approach your emotions in solitude. The number of the day is 8, reminding you that all interactions two sided.
Mantra: I confidently take responsibility for my own actions.

10_of_swordsThursday 11/26/15 10 of Swords
Numerology: 9
Moon in Gemini
Moon Void of Course 7:35 PM PST
The card of the day is the Ten of Swords. Yesterday was challenging but the worst is over. If you’re up early, the events of yesterday combined with the energy of Saturn square Neptune at 4:18 AM PST may leave you feeling depressed and questioning your life purpose. At 1:16 PM, Moon sextile Uranus may leave you craving your freedom, especially if you find yourself spending Thanksgiving Day with family members you’re not keen on. By 7:24 PM PST, Moon square Jupiter will bring an uplifting air to your evening although some people may misperceive your rebound in confidence as arrogance. We finish the night filled with love, peace and tranquility, especially in our home lives with Moon trine Venus at 7:35 PM PST. The number of the day is 9, the number that signals that the difficult week is almost over and we’re ready to move past all the conflicts.
Mantra: The worst is over. Time to relax.

Knight of WandsFriday 11/27/15 Knight of Wands
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Void of Course
Moon Enters Cancer 11:27 AM
The Knight of Wands is a passionate, driven character who leaps right into everything with a “can do” attitude. He is confident that no matter what happens, he’ll come out on top. I think it’s kind of funny that this card came up for Black Friday. It seems that holiday shoppers will be sure to jump right into the thick of the sales and score those bargains they’re looking for. They’ll also be willing to fight for what they want so if you’re a peaceful person, steer clear of the shopping malls! But all jokes aside, the only notable transit for the day is Moon trine Neptune at 11:39 PM PST. You’ll find your evening winding down with pleasant day dreams. Any intuitive hunches you get during this time need to be recognized, especially with the Moon in the psychic sign of Cancer. You may also feel a creative boost and stay up late expressing yourself in whichever medium calls to you. The number of the day is 1(0), a number of endings and beginnings.
Mantra: I will follow my heart and take action with confidence in all that I do today.

HierophantSaturday 11/28/15 Hierophant
Numerology: 2
Moon Void of Course 4:46 AM PST
Moon Enters Leo 4:47 PM PST
The Hierophant is a card that is all about traditions. The Hierophant is ruled by Venus and the Moon is in Leo so today is really all about bucking the system. If you’re up in the early morning, Moon square Mars will give you a cocky sense of confidence. Be careful in your interactions with others because even though you think you’re right, that’s just your opinion. Moon opposition Pluto at 11:48 AM PST will lead to more intense emotions and conflict, possibly over differing viewpoints. Moon square Uranus will leave you wanting to break free and have an adventure. But your restlessness may only lead to disruptions. 2 is the number of the day, reminding us that it is crucial to stay balanced.
Mantra: In order for real change to happen, there must be balance.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here. All images are from the Golden Botticelli Tarot published by Lo Scarabeco

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