A good day for art

It’s been a good day for my #art and #writing. Witch Way Magazind is making me a regular contributor and I’ll be on their site! Horray! They’ve also given me great feedback on the cards I’ve made for the past couple issues (like the #Hermit featured here). Then a friend I made a #collage for wrote today to tell me she got it in the mail and it made her cry tears of joy and gratitude because she thought it was so beautiful. But a my work is never done. My client canceled today so I have a full afternoon to wrap up the edits to my manuscript and send it back to another publishing house that wants a full. Writing makes me feel like the Hermit sometimes but to see my work published is a powerful thing. I picked a strange corner of the writing and art fields to break into but the cool thing is, it’s actually working. The only way from here is up!

#tarot #astrology #divination #SelfHelp #Occult #witchy #pagan #SelfEmpowerment #numerology #motivational #inspirational #cardaday #magdalenatarot

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