Tarot Forecast 4/17/16 – 4/23/16


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9 of WandsIt’s the 16th week of the year and the card of the week is the 9 of Wands.  It might seem like a long week because there’s so much going on with the planets, so make sure to take the time you need to rest and recover. Mars and Pluto station retrograde and Mercury Retrograde is just around the corner.  If you’re feeling tired, look to your inner strength. The number of the week is 7, so even if it feels like you’re trudging along, you’re actually moving forward faster than you think.
Mantra: Things are going to change, I can feel it.

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Page of WandsSunday 4/17/16 Page of Wands
Numerology: 3
Moon in Virgo
The Page of Wands is a ready for action and excitement. The Page is spontaneous, free spirited and passionate about new ideas that strike her. However, like the Fool, the Page of Wands lacks direction and planning. She must learn to focus her thoughts and think things through. Mercury trine Pluto at 2:21 AM PST may find you embarking on journey in self discovery. If you are asleep during this time, these feelings may seep into your dreams. Mars stations retrograde at 5:14 AM PST where he will stay until 6/29/16. When Mars is in retrograde, you are encouraged to plan but not act. Use it as a time to perfect your plans and gather energy to strike when he goes direct. Like Mercury Retrograde, plans made now have a great potential to fall by the wayside and it may seem like no matter what you do, nothing works out. Have patience. This time was meant to build discipline. Moon square Mars at 10:00 AM PST may bring pugnacious and irritable attitudes. People may become aggressive out of frustration. These negaitive feelings could influence Moon opposition Neptune at 2:34 PM PST may confuse your intuition. You may feel inferior and down in the dumps. Moon conjunct Jupiter at 8:04 PM PST will bring new beginnings in relationships. People will feel happy and generous. The Moon is in Virgo today so you will do well in matters that involve attention to detail. The number of the day is 3, a number of things coming together.
Mantra: I’m excited but I know how to wait.

Page of PentaclesMonday 4/8/16  Page of Pentacles
Numerology: 4
Moon in Virgo
Moon Void of Course 5:29 AM PST
The Page of Pentacles traditionally features a young man holding a big, shiny pentacles. The Page sees his potential and while examining it, realizes that he needs extra help reaching his dreams. He may need to educate himself further or seek out a mentor, but his potential cannot be reached without the help of others. Moon square Saturn at 12:04 AM PST may bring depression and loneliness to the first hours of the morning. If you are asleep during this time, these themes may appear in your dreams. Pluto stations retrograde at 12:23 AM PST and will remain in retrograde until 9/26/16. While Pluto is in Retrograde, we will experience changes at the core of our being. It’s time to give your life a makeover. Use Mars and Mercury retrogrades to tie up the loose ends and take out your cosmic garbage to move forward towards a better you. Moon trine Pluto at 3:09 AM PST could start Pluto retrograde off with emotional outbursts that will be for the better in the long run. Moon trine Mercury at 5:29 AM PST will bring good communication with others, especially in the area of public speaking and writing. Venus trine Saturn at 7:38 AM PST will bring stability in relationships and money. You will feel a deep satisfaction and appreciation for what you have. The Moon is void of course for most of the day so take it easy and let things come to you. The number of the day is 4, a number of stability.
Mantra: There’s always room for improvement.

4 of CupsTuesday 4/12/16 4 of Cups
Numerology: 5
Moon Enters Libra 4:24 AM PST
The 4 of Cups is a card that appears when you need to go within to find the answers your seeking. The person in the picture on the card has three cups and is being offered a 4th but she doesn’t want these. Like Buddha, she’s gone within to find out why she is dissatisfied even though she has so much. Perhaps it’s because the sun enters the material sign of Taurus today that we may be tempted to focus more on what we don’t have instead of what we do. The Sun will remain in Taurus until 5/20/16 will bring a strong need for security, something that may be shaken due to Mercury retrograde in the same sign. If feeling unstable, go within it find the balance you need. Venus square Pluto at 1:49 PM PST could bring intense changes in your relationships in the name of growth. Moon sextile Mars at 10:21 PM PST will bring the bravery, confidence and leadership skills you need to stand within your own power and embrace what is as Mercury Retrograde grows closer. The Moon is in Libra for most of the day, so anything that comes your way will be in the name of bringing things back into balance. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming obstacles.
Mantra: Everything I seek is within me.

5 of WandsWednesday 4/20/16 5 of Wands
Numerology: 6
Moon in Libra
Moon Void of Course 11:13 PM PST
When the card 5 of Wands appears, it’s a sure sign that a meaningless dispute is looming. Moon sextile Saturn at 12:32 PM PST will allow you to approach any challenges with a level head. Moon square Pluto at 3:52 PM PST may find that your biggest conflict may actually be an internal one. Moon opposition Venus at 6:54 PM PST may find you projecting your insecurities outward and desperately searching for approval. Moon opposition Uranus at 11:13 PM PST could cause you to rebel if you don’t get the attention you seek. If you find this message ringing true, go back to the lessons of yesterday and find the light within yourself. The Moon is void of course from 11:13 PM PST onward so find your center and try your best to stay there. If you do, the number of the day 6 promises victory.
Mantra: I refuse to be my own own worst enemy.

JudgementThursday 4/21/16 Judgement
Numerology: 7
Moon Void of Course
Moon Enters Scorpio 5:17 PM
Full Moon 10:24 PM PST
Judgement traditionally features Archangel Gabriel blowing a horn that raises the dead from the grave. When this card appears, it’s a wakeup call that you’ve been neglecting something very important and it’s time to wake up and pay attention to it. The Moon is void of course until 5:17 PM PST. It will then enter the intense sign of Scorpio, intensifying your passions. The Full Moon at 10:24 PM PST will illuminate the intentions you set during New Moon. Did they come to fruition or did they fall short? Because the Justice Card appeared during Moon in Scorpio, there is the potential for a truly shocking revelation. The number of the day is 7, a number of movement forward.
Mantra: Mother Moon, reveal your hidden secrets.

7 of CupsFriday 4/22/16 7 of Cups  
Numerology: 8
Moon in Scorpio
The 7 of Cups is a card of dreams and fantasies. Venus conjunct Neptune at 2:00 PM PST will find you seeking new and radical experiences to achieve your dreams in love, luck and money. This transit involves taking a chance due to the volatile nature of Uranus transits. But whatever happens, it will mark the beginning of a new cycle. Moon trine Neptune at 4:15 PM PST may find you with your head in the clouds. You may find that sharing your dreams with others will help you find ways to bring them into reality. Moon sextile Jupiter at 8:57 PM PST will bring joy and happiness to you and yours. The Moon is still in the intense sign of Scorpio, so you may find yourself overwhelmed by your feelings. Bring yourself back around and ground. The number of the day is 8, a number that reminds us that the energy we put out comes back to us.
Mantra: I believe in the power of my dreams.

HireophantSaturday 4/16/16 Hireophant
Numerology: 9
Moon in Scorpio
Moon Void of Course 2:46 PM PST
The Hireophant is a card of finding wisdom in tradition. Sometimes going on feelings and intuition need direction. That’s when it’s time to turn to established systems to gain insight. Just like everything in life, a balance is needed between the spirit, heart, mind and physical reality. Moon sextile Pluto at 4:38 AM PST will inspire you to get out and do new things with new people. An organized group like a Meetup for a hobby or spiritual gathering would be a great way to spend your morning. Moon opposition Mercury at 2:46 AM PST may bring difficulties with communicating due to disconnections between the unconscious mind. The Moon goes void of course in Scorpio at 2:46 AM PST so get introspective and spend time thinking about what your intentions for next New Moon will be. Remember, the next New Moon will happen during Mercury Retrograde so it would be best to set intentions involving things that you would like to rid from your life or for developing plans. Any intentions involving actual actions, such as signing a contract or financial matters are strongly discouraged.  The number of the day is 9, a number of endings becoming beginnings.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here. All images are from The Book of Shadows Tarot Volume 2.

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