Tarot Forecast 5/8/16 – 5/14/16


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It’s the 19th week of the year and the card of the week is the 5 of Swords. In numerology, 1+9 = 1(0), signifying that this week is a week where recognizing what you need let go of will open up energy to focus on the path you’re meant to be on. The 5 of Swords reminds us that by walking away, even if we walk away empty handed, we walk away with an opportunity to have a new beginning.

All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time. For time conversions, go here.

Knight of SwordsSunday 5/8/16 Knight of Swords
Numerology: 4
Moon in Pisces
Moon Void of Course 9:15 PM PST
The Knight of Swords is a hasty guy who will rush headlong into things without thinking about the consequences. He ambitions to the point that he is blinded by his determination. Moon square Neptune at 4:19 AM PST will challenge you to see the truth about matters at hand. Moon square Jupiter at 6:51 AM PST may cause you to struggle in your relationships with others. Moon opposition Saturn may bring events that confront your stability. If you’re caught off guard, this could lead to depression. If you’ve had a rough day, it would be good to go out in the evening and try doing something new. Moon sextile Uranus makes this a beneficial time to do so, but since we have several planets in retrograde and the Moon goes void of course at 9:15 PM PST, it would be best to do something simple that can be completed in one night like trying a new restaurant or a new drink at the bar. The Moon is in the elusive sign of Pisces for the day, so anything you pursue may feel like an endless chase. The number of the day is 4, reminding us that sometimes the stability we are looking for is found by simply doing nothing.

Queen of SwordsMonday 5/9/16 Queen of Swords
Moon Void of Course
Moon Enters Cancer 10:24 AM PST
Mercury Transit
The Queen of Swords is a logical woman who objectively sees  all sides to every situation. Jupiter stations direct in Virgo at 5:16 AM PST after being retrograde since January. Jupiter Retrograde was a time of going within and reevaluating the state of your mind and spirit. You may have also had to confront the shadow side of your ego. Now that Jupiter is direct, you’ll be ready to see the positive changes this time has caused in yourself and you will see how far you’ve come because of them. Venus sextile Neptune at 5:41 AM PST will make it easy to appreciate the beauty around you today. It’s a day to celebrate friendships. The day could have a dreamy feel, like your head is in the clouds. If you feel yourself drifting too far away, ground yourself with the energy of the Queen of Swords. But all in all, the best thing to do today would be to go outside and enjoy nature with someone you care about. Sun occultation Mercury will give us the rare opportunity to observe Mercury cross the Sun. If you are planning to view this event, make sure you do it in a safe manner and never look directly at the sun! During this special solar event, you may experienced heightened clarity and everyone will be chattering with excitement. Moon is void of course until it enters Cancer at 10:24 AM PST. Cancer is the feminine sign of love and sensitivity. Deep secrets could emerge from the depths of secrecy. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming hardships.
Mantra: Love for the truth cuts away lies to reveal the beauty within.

Fool0003Tuesday 5/10/16 The Fool
Numerology: 10
Moon in Cancer
The Fool is the beginning of our story; he/she is where we stand when we have a bright, new horizon ahead of us. Like the Fool, we don’t know what’s ahead but we know we will learn a valuable lesson by journey’s end. Moon trine Neptune at 6:18 AM PST brings intuition, empathy, inspiration and imagination to your morning. Moon sextile Venus at 8:39 AM PST lets the love and happiness flow free. You will feel empowered with Moon sextile Jupiter at 8:56 AM PST. The good energy will build all morning as Venus and Jupiter prepare to hook up at 12:00 PM PST. This is one of the most favorable, happy transits and it’s too bad it’s such a short one. This is the kind of transit that calls you to set out, like the Fool, on a journey of self discovery. If good fortune falls in your lap, embrace it, but also beware that things begun during Mercury Retrograde have the potential to fail so make sure to only commit to things that will end before Mercury Retrograde is over. If the call of the Fool is too loud and you’ve been afraid to answer it, Moon opposition Pluto at 4:04 PM PST will give you the chance to honestly confront yourself and find out why you’re holding yourself back from the success you deserve. Moon sextile Mercury at 6:10 PM PST will allow communication to flow. We’ll end the evening peacefully with Moon sextile Sun at 10:23 PM PST. The Moon is still in the emotional sign of Cancer so listen to your heart; it has all the answers. The number of the day is 6, a number of victory.
Mantra: Life is a journey, not a destination.

6 of CupsWednesday  5/12/16 6 of Cups
Numerology: 7
Moon Void of Course 12:34 AM PST
Moon Enters Leo 2:32 PM PST
The card of the day is the nostalgic Six of Cups. The cups hold the memories of love. Sometimes you connect with someone from your past when the 6 of Cups appears. Or you may find yourself looking back on the past fondly. This card is also serves as a reminder to relive  the  innocence and joy we experienced when we were children and to see a reflection of ourselves in the children hat surround us. Moon square Uranus at 12:34 AM PST is a turbulent transit that brings challenges to freedom and independence.  If you are too stubborn, you may even have an accident. There is no undoing what’s done, so to prevent yourself looking back in regret on things you shouldn’t have done, instead, learn from yesterdays lessons to avoid tomorrows trials and tribulations. If you are asleep during this transit, these themes could appear in your dreams. Moon trine Mars at 11:50 PM PST will give you the confidence to confront whatever you need to with courage and wisdom. The Moon goes Void of Course early in the day and will stay void until it enters Leo at 2:32 PM PST.  Leo will bring warmth and light to the day so if you’re thinking about getting back in touch with someone you’ve fallen out of touch with because of disagreements, it would be a good time to do that today. The number of the day is 7, a number of movement forward.
Mantra: Learn from the past, look to the future.

10 of SwordsThursday 5/13/26 10 of Swords
Numerology: 8
Moon in Leo
The card of the day is the 10 of Swords. This card appears when the worst is over. If you’ve been feeling down and out, if you feel like no matter which direction you turn in, a roadblock awaits you, this card lets you know that this will not last for much longer. For now, rest, be still, and let the frustration pass. Moon trine Saturn at 5:29 PM PST will help you accept that it what you dwell on is over and done with. Mercury trine Pluto at 7:51 PM PST will allow you to take a look at yourself and the world around you and give you the insight as to how to improve it. Moon square Venus at 8:20 PM PST may bring a lazy, indulgent feel to the day and you may be tempted to smoother those you love. But with Moon square Mercury at 10:28 PM PST, the energy abound may make it difficult to communicate and connect with others. The Moon is in Leo for most of the day, so make sure you don’t come off as too demanding when you want others to focus on what you have to say. The number of the day is 8, a number of karma.
Mantra: The sun is rising on a new tomorrow.

8 of SwordsFriday 5/14/16 8 of Swords  
Numerology: 9
First Quarter 10:02 AM PST
Moon Void of Course 10:02 AM PST
Moon Enters Virgo 10:52 PM PST
The 8 of Swords is a card that appears when we know the truth about a situation but we don’t want to see it. But what many don’t realize is that hiding from the truth only prevents us from moving forward. Moon trine Uranus at 8:02 AM PST will bring breakthroughs that could put you in touch with the right connections. Don’t be blinded by first appearances. Moon square Sun at 10:02 AM PST brings the first quarter. If you find yourself up against the odds in matters surrounding your New Moon intentions, keep pushing. Mercury conjunct Venus at 12:11 PM PST will bring an intellectual appreciation arts and expression. If you receive a love confession, tell the truth, hold off on any new beginnings in love and relationships until after Mercury Retrograde. This is a transit of emotional intensity so be prepared to ground yourself as needed. Venus trine Pluto amplifies the energy from the previous transit but the emphasis is more on embracing any new feelings of love you experience. Hidden feelings, especially those involving romantic love, will be brought to the surface and confronted with intensity. The longer something has been held in, the more of a chance it has at exploding. The Moon is void of course between 10:02 AM PST and 10:52 PM PST. Then the Sun will enter Virgo, a sign that indulges in love and beauty. The number of the day is 9, a number that appears when a cycle is almost complete.
Mantra: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” — “Closing Time” Semisonic

Ace of WandsSaturday 5/15/16 Ace of Wands
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon in Virgo
The Ace of Wands is a card of vigor and valor. You have the potential to create your destiny. Like the Magican’s wand, you can project your will at whatever your wish. Experiment with this power so that when Mars goes direct, you will know where to direct your energy. Moon square Mars at 7:28 AM PST may leave you feeling irritable, pugnacious and selfish. Moon opposition Neptune at 10:03 AM PST will bring escapist tendancies that will only lead you to lies, decpeiton and deciete. The Moon is in the picky sign of Virgo for the day, reminding you that the clues to what you’re missing lie in the details. The number of the day is 1, a number of new beginnings.
Mantra: I recognize my unlimited potential.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here. All images are from the Book of Shadows Vol. II As Above So Below Deck.


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