I’m a Mercury Retrograde Baby

My card for the day was Justice, which is interesting because I found out today that I was born during Mercury Retrograde in my home sign of Capricorn. I Googled Mercury Retrograde births and generally, if you’re born during Mercury Retrograde, you have problems expressing yourself but I don’t really feel that way at all except in the work place, which makes sense because Capricorn is the ruler of work and finance. My work and finances have always been a huge source of stress, anxiety, fear and depression for me. I just can’t seem to find a job that is a good fit for me no matter how hard I try and it’s always been that way. I have a hard time setting boundries and taking up for myself because I always overdo it. They also say Mercury Retrograde births are karma and you have a hard time telling your past, present and future lives apart. So Justice certainly was fitting, but where to go from here?

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