Be Awakened!

The New Moon in Gemini was intense. Mercury is also in Gemini and so is Venus. This whole thing is blowing my mind. Not to mention the favorable Venus and Jupiter transits. I’ve had some intense, personal revelations this week and I need time to process. So I’m taking a break from the forecast this week. I do this every now and again when the stars line up to teach me a lesson and sometimes I need time to process what I’ve learned so I can pass the knowledge along when I’m ready. I’ll try to post interesting things daily at to help you get a different view on what the energy in the air is teaching us. If you’re curious about the major transits this week, check out my forecast in Witch Way Magazine. you get a peek into my monthly look ahead and it lists all the major transits this month.
#Mantra: ✨Be Awakened!✨
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