Black Moon Forecast

image9/30/16 The World
We keep getting lucky with the transit/card combinations. Today is Black Moon, the 2nd New Moon falling in the month of September. The first one was a solar eclipse on 9/1. Mercury Retrograde, two eclipses, 2 999 days and 2 New Moons make it clear that we are being given the option to re-calibrate our focus toward balance with the energies around us. This is not a time for sulking, whining, complaining or nostalgia. Today is future focused. Once we are in harmony and aligned with these energies, the real manifestation will start. Which is why the World is such a fantastic card for the day. The World is that open door. It invites us to step from the past into the future. Moon square #Mars at 4:58 AM PST may challenge us with getting in time with our manifesting power. Stay focused. Moon conjunction Sun at 5:11 PM PST brings the New Moon. It would be best to take care of yourself and spend the evening in meditation. Moon trine Saturn at 11:55 PM will find you refocused and fine tuned if you’ve put your energy into the right intentions. Remember, everything for the higher good. The Moon is in the balanced sign of Libra, bringing you back to center and weighing the truth in your heart. The number of the day is 3, a number of things coming together.
Mantra: It’s time.



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