Mars Enters Aquarius 

I took this haunting self portrait when I found out the #election results. This, I feel, is a #ominous depiction of the energy in the #UnitedStates right now. The red light behind a flag that represents indigenous rights. The wings and the feathers crowing a horned figure. This is more than a photograph; I’m a visionary artist and this is a #vision of where we’re heading. Just so you guys who were curious know, I did call the election for Trump. I didn’t announce it because I wanted to stay positive, but #Mars entering #Aquarius today and the inverted #2ofcups did not set well with me. I want to sleep but the planets won’t let me sleep tonight.Mantra: All we can do now is pray.

tarot, astrology, divination, Self Help,  Occult, witchy, pagan, empowerment, numerology, motivational, inspirational, card a day

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