Magdalena Tarot Uplifting Forecast 3/13/17 – 3/19/17


It’s the 11th week of the year and the card of the week is Judgement. The week also starts out with the Moon in the fair and balanced sign of Libra. 11 is also the number that rules the Justice Tarot card. We see a lot of reference to karma this week. Maybe someone is coming back into your life from the past to set things right with karma, as indicated by the Judgement card. If you’re dealing with legal issues, this is a favorable week for you if you’re innocent but if you’re guilty, know that the ruling will be just. We also see a lot of indication that the way to improve your situation in life is to share what you have with others. And it doesn’t have to be something physical; it could be as simple as sharing a smile or holding the door open for someone. Whatever the case, the earthy energy from the Queen of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, and 6 of Pentacles will make sure to ground you as you remember what’s really important. 11 breaks down to 2 in numerology, a number of finding balance. Another theme that is prevalent this week is the theme of deception and illusion. Because it’s Venus Retrograde, people and situations may have a deceptive appeal so be careful not to get lost in the illusion. Also, The Spring Equinox or Ostara is next Monday. The amount of darkness and light are now equal during the day. How does this equality in duality effect your energy levels and your sleep schedule?
Mantra: Time to put the past behind me, I’ve awakened to the the truth.

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Monday 3/13/17 3 of Cups
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon in Libra
The Three of Cups appears when there is s cause to celebrate. Get together with some friends and enjoy the pleasures in life. Mercury enters the determined sign of Aries today at 2:08 PM PST where he will stay until 4/31/17. When Mercury is in Aries, people’s thinking is sped up. However, you could be so focused on your own ideas that having patience with what others think may frustrate you. In general, people will tend to believe what they want to believe and aruge for the sake of argument. However, if you’re a thrill seeker, you’ll feel right at home during this time because it is a transit for exciting new experiences. Moon opposition Venus at 7:41 PM PST goes hand in hand with the card for the day. For the most part, this is a transit that will bring happiness, harmony and creativity to your evening. However, there is also an inclination to be attention needy so try to focus on the good instead of the bad. The Moon is in the justice oriented sign of Libra reminding that happens today is fair and just. The number of the day is 8, a number of karma.
Mantra: There’s always something to celebrate.

Tuesday 3/14/17 Justice
Numerology: 9
Moon in Libra
The card of the day is Justice and the Moon is in just Libra. It’s also interesting to note that it’s also the 11th week of the year, which also happens to be the number that governs the Justice card. Therefore, today will bring events that are related to karma. Since it’s Venus Retrograde, these events could involve someone appearing from your past to set things right. Whatever the case, pay attention to the big and small things that happen today. Clues about the lessons you have set out to learn will be revealed. Moon square Pluto at 10:51 AM PST is a compulsive transit that will help you find out who you are and what you’re looking for. Moon conjunct Jupiter at 2”52 PM PST is a happy, generous transit that could also bring with it a desire for change. Moon opposition Uranus at 6:05 PM PST is an exciting, impulsive transit that could also lead to conflict so don’t do anything too bold. The Moon is still in Libra reminding us that Justice is blind. The number of the day is 9, a number of near completion.
Mantra: What goes around comes around.

Wednesday 3/15/17 Queen of Pentacles
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Void of Course 3:05 AM PST
Moon Enters Scorpio 8:11 AM PST
The Queen of Pentacles is a woman that rules over her domain and knows how to attract abundance. She enjoys the pleasures of life but is also generous because she loves to nurture people. If the Queen doesn’t represent you, she represents someone who you may come into contact with today. She could also personify a situation. Moon sextile Saturn at 3:05 AM PST is an earthy, grounding transit that reminds you to accept things as they are. Moon opposition Mars at 4:38 PM PST is a transit that could cause irritability that sparks disagreements. If you’re feeling tense, get out and get some exercise to blow off some steam. The Moon is void of course between 3:05 AM PST and 8:11 AM PST when she enters the secretive sign of Scorpio. Pay attention because things may not be what they seem. The number of the day is 1(0) a number of new beginnings.
Mantra: Abundance is all about nourshing yourself and using what’s left over to nourish others.

Thursday 3/16/17 7 of Swords
Numerology: 2
Moon in Scorpio
The 7 of Swords is a tricky guy who thinks that he can get away with whatever lies and deceptions he weaves. Beware of this slippery character today. The devil is in the details with what he’s up to. Moon trine Neptune at 8:25 AM PST is a dreamy, physic intative transit that will allow you to separate truth and lies. Moon sextile Pluto at 10:05 PM PST could drag buried feelings from deep inside you to the surface. These feelings could bring about changes in your relationships. The Moon is in the secretive and at times deceptive sign of Scorpio for the day so make sure you are honest with yourself about the people you meet and the things that happen. The number of the day is 2, a number that reminds us that there is a balance between truth and lies.
Mantra: Don’t believe lies because they sound better than the truth.

Friday 3/10/17 Two of Pentacles
Numerology: 3
Moon in Scorpio
Moon Void of Course 2:56 PM PST
Moon Enters Sagittarius 8:00 PM PST
The 2 of Pentacles is a card of balancing many different tasks. In fact, you’re doing such a great job that you’re impressing lots of people but beware of dropping the ball because you’re burnt out. Remember, part of stay in balance is giving yourself the much needed break you need so that you can keep up with everything you have on your plate. And if you need to drop something, that’s OK too. Do what’s best for you. Sun square Saturn at 2:47 PM PST is a transit that shakes your confidence. This transit is meant to expose your weaknesses so that you know where you need to focus on building strength. But you’ll bounce back fast with Moon trine sun at 2:56 PM PST. This a happy, harmonious transit that will hightlight your strengths after the Saturn transit revealed your weaknesses. The Moon starts the day in the intense sign of Scorpio and goes void of course between 2:56 PM PST and 8:00 PM PST when She enters the energetic sign of Sagittarius. Expect a pleasant evening. The number of the day is 3, a number I things coming together.
Mantra: I accept my strengths and dedicate myself to improving my weaknesses.

Saturday 3/18/17 Queen of Wands
Numerology: 4
Moon in Sagittarius
The Queen of Wands is a powerful woman whose presence dominates a room when she enters it. She is the life of the party; social, outgoing, sexy and enchanting. However, don’t cross the Queen unless you want to feel the intensity of her wrath. Mercury conjunct Venus at 5:26 AM PST is a transit that brings appreciation for beauty through the arts. This transit also allows you to see the perfection of the connection of subtle synchronicities. Moon trine Venus at 1:59 PM PST will keep the love and beauty flowing into the afternoon. Do what you can to get out and enjoy the arts and nature. Moon trine Mercury at 4:06 PM PST will find delightful conversations enriching your life. Things may be going so well all day that your vision could become clouded by Moon square Neptune at 8:57 PM PST. Don’t be so positive that you forget to see things for what they are. The Moon is in the jolly, lighthearted sign of Sagittarius today so this should be a very enjoyable day. The more socializing and physical activity you do, the better you’ll feel. The number of the day is 4, a number of stability.

Sunday 3/19/17 6 of Pentacles
Numerology: 5
Moon in Sagittarius
The 6 of Pentacles is a card of giving and receiving. In order to receive, we must give. And in order to give, we must receive. If the whole world practiced this philosophy, we would know no suffering. Moon sextile Jupiter at 1:36 PM PST is a happy, good feeling transit. Moon trine Uranus at 6:33 PM PST could leave you craving excitement. This transit could bring unexpected surprises, just go with them. You’ll never know what blessings could come your way. The Moon is still in the upbeat sign of Sagittarius, which is also a sign of generosity, backing up the message brought by the 6 of Pentacles. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming challenges.
Mantra: True happiness comes from sharing what you have with those who have less.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here.  All images are from the Rota Tarot by Tzadkiel

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