This is #Orchid. I got orchid when I was working the Path of the #Lovers on the #TreeOfLife. I had to make a choice on that path of whether I wanted to be with my fiancé or let myself grow closer to a friend I’d fallen for. I chose my fiancé. Now a year later my fiancé and I are splitting up because he had to make the same choice I was confronted with a year ago and he didn’t pick me. Now orchid is dying. It’s a strange coincidence that when our relationship died, the plant that I worked with as a symbol of making a choice in love died too. Guess I’ll have to get another orchid and this time, work on loving myself.

#tarot #astrology #divination #SelfHelp #Occult #witchy #pagan #SelfEmpowerment #numerology #motivational #inspirational #cardaday #magick #Qabalah #plant 

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