Mystical Coloring Books by Angelina Hunter

Angelina Hunter is a UK mystic who integrates music, dance and magick into her artwork. She has created and released two coloring books that utilize the art of coloring and meditation to foster a calm mind and get in touch with feminine power. Check out blank pages from her book below as well as some of the images that I colored!


A picture I colored from Angel’s books

I took some time to catch up with Angel and ask her some questions about her art and inspiration.

Magdalena Tarot: What inspired your art?

Angelina Hunter: Suffering lmao. Struggles. Hard times. Not allowing folks to create my reality but imagination being stronger than that. Music and my flow being the outlet

MT: You use a lot of mystical symbolism in your work. What drew you to mysticism?

AH: Not being blinded by people’s negativity. Hope- faith-surrealism dreams. Jim Henson’s work and how he made a world up with his imagination. Nighttime. Connections. All of it.

My coloring from Angel’s book

MT: What experiences do you hope people have while coloring your work?

AH: To believe in a higher source of existence. That music and vibration is EVERYTHING. I want people to know that they are safe and loved in this world. Meditating and creating is just another beautiful outlet. The main thing I want is for people to feel good about themselves and spark people’s creativity so they level up their hearts.

MT: Do you think creativity is a form of magick?

AH: Any time and anywhere our hand touches a pen to the paper: YES

If you would like to purchase a coloring book from Angel, you can find her on Facebook.

15  pounds each  or 2 for 25. Shipping charges vary according to where you are in the world. Ships worldwide.

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