Magdalena Tarot Forecast 10/30/17 – 11/05/17 Keep Your Head in the Game


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It’s the 44th week of the year and the card of the week is the King of Cups. This week could be emotional so recognizes your feelings but keep your head on straight. The number of the week is 8, so anything that comes up this week is a result of karma.
Mantra: Mind over heart.





All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time.  For time conversions, go here.

Monday 10/30/17 3 of Pentacles
Numerology: 5
Moon in Pisces
The 3 of Pentacles is a card of building a foundation. Moo trine Jupiter at 12:54 AM PST is an optimistic transit full of positivity. Moon trine Sun at 6:34 AM PST is a transit of harmony and flow. The Moon is in the psychic sign of Pisces for the day so pay attention to your intuition. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming hardships.
Mantra: You know what you need to do.


Tuesday 10/31/17 7 of Cups
Numerology: 6
Moon in Pisces
Moon Void of Course 2:08 PM PST
Moon Enters Aries 11:43 PM PST
Happy Samhain! The veil between the worlds is so very thin today so it’s interesting that the 7 of Cups is the card of the day. When the lines begin to blur, trust your inner vision and see the truth that lies on the other side. Moon sextile Pluto brings revelations that may be shocking but needed. Moon trine Mercury at 10:21 AM PST will get communication flowing between this world and beyond. Moon square Saturn at 2:08 PM PST is a depressing, dark transit. Don’t give the shadows the attention they crave. The Moon is void of course in Pisces from 2:08 PM PST until She enters the energetic sign of Aries at 11:43 PM PST. The number of the day is 6, a number of victory.
Mantra: Take a look on the other side.

Wednesday 11/01/17 Queen of Pentacles
Numerology: 4
Moon in Aries
The Queen of Pentacles is a card of a woman who knows how to get what she wants and keep it. Moon opposition Mars at 10:43 AM PST is an anxious transit of pint up energy. Relax, things will sort themselves out soon enough. The Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries so try to get some exercise today to release some tension. The number of the day is 4, a number reminding us to remain calm, level headed and balanced if we want to be like the Queen of Pentacles.
Mantra: Don’t lose your cool.


Thursday 11/02/17 4 of Wands
Numerology: 5
Moon in Aries
Moon Void of Course 8:03 PM PST
The 4 of Wands is a card of celebration and happiness with friends and family. It’s time to show gratitude for what you’ve been given. Moon square Pluto at 5:18 AM PST has the potential to bring disruptive outbursts. It’s up to you to determine how you deal with this. Moon opposition Venus at 5:30 PM PST could bring feelings of insecurities in matter of love, creativity and beauty. Avoid acting out of fear and instead, open your heart. Moon trine Saturn at 6:09 PM PST is a transit that allows you to accept what you must do. The Moon is still in the energetic sign of Aries. She will go void of course at 8:03 PM PST so act before then. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming hardships.
Mantra: Be thankful for what you have because it could be gone tomorrow.

Friday 11/02/17 Chariot
Numerology: 6
Moon Enters Taurus 2:46 AM PST
Full Moon in Taurus 10:23 PM PST
The Chariot is a card of positive movement forward. You’re in control now. Whatever you were trying to manifest during this lunar cycle has the potential to be yours if you play your cards right. Venus sextile Saturn at 1:31 AM PST is a transit of enjoying being of service to those you love but at the same time setting boundaries and making expectations clear. Moon opposition Sun at 10:23 PM PST brings the Full Moon in Taurus. Your goals for abundance, love and prosperity are ready to be fulfilled. The number of the day is 6, number of victory.
Mantra: I’m in control.

Saturday 11/03/17 7 of Pentacles
Numerology: 7
Moon in Taurus
The 7 of Pentacles is a card of falling short of your full potential. You did your best but things didn’t work out exactly like you planned. Don’t blame yourself. Sometimes that’s just life. Moon trine Pluto at 6:49 AM PST is a transit of emotional outbursts for the better. If you’re frustrated, it’s best to get it all out instead of keeping it inside. The Moon is in the indulgent sign of Taurus today so be thankful what you do have. The number of the day is 7, a number of the mysteries of the Universe.
Mantra: I did a good job.


Sunday 11/05/17 Queen of Swords
Numerology: 8
Moon Void of Course 1:29 AM PST
Moon Enters Gemini 2:26 AM PST
Daylight Savings Time
The Queen of Swords is a powerful woman ruled by logic. She does not let her emotions get in the way of what should be. Moon opposition Mercury at 1:29 AM PST is a transit of conflict between the head and heart. Let logic win out today. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 11:19 AM PST where he will stay until 11/17/17. While Mercury is in Sagittarius, exploration of the mind is a focal point. Freedom of thought is the key but don’t force your opinion on others. Moon trine Mars at 4:53 PM PST is a transit of bravery and determination. Moon square Neptune at 8:58 PM PST is a transit of skewed emotions so once again, let your logic win out. The Moon is void of course in Taurus and then She enter Gemini at 2:26 AM PST. Strike a balance between your head and heart today. The number of the day is 8, a number of karma.
Mantra: Truth lies in logic.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here.  All images are from the Darkness of Light Tarot by  Tony DiMauro


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