Slayin’ It!

The good news is Magdalena Tarot has been super busy. I’ve done 4 fairs this fall including a full #MagdalenaTower booth, got Magdalena Tower in Etsy up and running again, readings have picked up, I reviewed @reckless_reader_tarot tarot box and I’m working on editing an exciting interview with @darknesstarot . Not to mention I’m wrapping up my first ever online class and getting ready to edit the material to send it off to an interested publisher. Abundance is everywhere except in the area of time, mostly because I rely on public transportation and it takes me 4 hrs round trip to get to and from work sometimes. So I apologize that the forecast is late again. I will try my best to put it out tonight. Thank you for your patience! And thank you, #ArchangelMichael for your strength!


#tarot #astrology #divination #SelfHelp #Occult #witchy #pagan #SelfEmpowerment #numerology #motivational #inspirational #cardaday

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