Life, Light and Love

The most basic of Rosicrucian principals is the principal of life, light and love.  Life is the gift of the Cosmic to us so that we may experience light, which is the illumination of becoming conscious of the third principal,  love.

Recently, I’ve been challenged to consider what these principals mean to me, although I didn’t understand the challenge until convocation today. But thanks to the guidance of my fraters and sorors at Mountain Rose Poranos, I now understand what I was struggling to understand just twenty-four hours ago.

To make a long story short, over the past few days, I’ve seen the ugliness of the opposite of light, darkness, rear its ugly head.

What I’ve come to understand is that our fragile egos like to turn out the lights. And although people say they’re not afraid of the dark, the ones that are the most filled with the fear are the ones that walk in the darkness– not because it feels particularly good, but as a way to hide their fragile egos. They sweep their fears under the rug and they grow in the darkness,  becoming the monster under the bed.  So instead facing their fears, these people pull the covers over their heads and hide their eyes. They isolate themselves, posting on the internet and reading hateful propaganda dressed up like facts to convince themselves their fears are valid.

Some people are bolder in their expression of fears.  They are so hateful and fearful they’ll harm others by being disrespectful, stealing their belongings, cheating them, shouting at them, tearing them down.  Some even result to physical violence.

And the monsters become demons who, when fed enough fear, become an army of darkness that manifests as  racism,  chauvinism, sexism, homophobia, religious fundamentalism, just to name a few. These ideas work to tear apart society at its very core and as I see what they’red doing to us as a world community.

And we can focus on this fear based hatred or we can choose to see the light of day. So with all this fear and hatred abound, we Light Bearers are now called  to help bring that saving light to the world.

And that light that we need is love.  We hear it all the time but how many people really practice unconditional love? Even I can get wrapped up in hatred and fear sometimes. We all can. But how can we choose love?

Today at convocation we talked about how love is the “universal solvent”. It can dissolve that fear and hatred but we must be brave and give unconditional love to those that need it the most. And if we stop being afraid and let that love flow, that’s where the real change in the world can happen. But first you have to let yourself be vulnerable and love. Instead of punishing the child who stole, you must show it the merits of truth and honesty through love.

Parts of the forum were hard for me to wrap my mind around.  How can I show love to  people who have shown nothing but disrespect for me? But  the rub is that we are all part of the Divine and to treat someone with hatred is hating yourself.   So if I don’t offer love to people  hiding in the darkness, I’m denying my vows as a Rosicrucian to  uphold the principals of life, light and love.  However, at the same time, I don’t want to allow myself to be disrespect by offering love and kindness to people who show me just the opposite.

The answer that I came to know is that I don’t have to openly embrace these people. I can send them light and love with the hope that they will receive whatever illumination they need and let the Cosmic use my intention for whatever it perceives the greater good to be. I can love people from a distance if I can’t love them up close because as the Grand Master of my lodge said, you need to protect yourself when practicing unconditional love too.

And it’s true, because I don’t  want to cast my pearls before swine. If someone can’t understand what unconditional love is, I’m wasting my time trying to get through to them on the physical plane.  I try to shine light as much as I can into the lives of those that I come in contact with but sometimes it’s like shining a flashlight into a bottomless pit — you’ll never see what’s at the bottom of it.

But the spiritual plane is an entirely different ball game.

So there’s nothing wrong with sending love to people from a distance in hopes that the will experience some form or another. But I don’t have to jeopardize my dignity or my self respect by trying to love people on the physical plane that don’t consciously desire love and light.

There are so many terrified people in the world that do need love. Most of of them don’t even know it. They don’t even remember why they’re so scared or angry — it’s just part of life now. They forget what it was like to be a child, full of joy and love.  So instead they act like spoiled children, misbehaving for attention because they don’t realize what they’re asking for is love. Because somewhere along the way, they got lost in fear. So like a caring brother or sister, we need to find ways to show love to people who aren’t ready to experience it fully.

One of the fraters gave me the rose from convocation and it’s sitting on my altar now, reminding me of the principals that I’ve sworn to uphold.

I use the princiapl from Libre 888 to send love people I can’t love on the physical plane and to the entire world for that matter.  You can use this method if you know someone who needs unconditional love but are unwilling to accept it on the physical plane for whatever reason.

If you’d like to join me in sharing love and light with the world, try this Rosicrucian mediation. from Libre 888. If you practice it regularly, you will see your life change. As you give love, you will receive love and you will become love.  My mission is to give messages of love to those who need it. I hope you accept this message with love and light.  And if are searching for ligth and love, check out the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosicrucian. It literally saved my life and if you feel called to it, I hope you receive all the illumination the order can offer you as well.

With blessing for Peace Profound,

Magdalena Tarot



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