Magdalena Tarot Forecast 11/20/17-11/26/17: Attitude of Gratitude


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It’s the 46th week of the year and the card of the week is the 5 of Swords.  The 5 of Swords is a card of truce. Although things may not have turned out exactly as you like, at least you can say that you and your opponent both lost — there was no winner. With the holidays on the way, it’s best to walk away from battles and embrace your loved ones rather than fight over things you may never agree on. Sometimes it really is better just to agree to disagree. The number of the week is 1(0) reminding us that with surrender comes new beginnings.
Mantra:  Is there a winner when everyone loses?



All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time.  For time conversions, go here.

Monday 11/20/17 Devil (reversed)
Numerology: 5
Moon in Sagittarius
Moon Void of Course in Sagittarius 4:26 PM PST
Moon Enters Capricorn 11:14 PM PST
The Devil Reversed is actually a return to the Lover’s card. Now that fears have been conquered and reconciliation has been made, it is time to return to the promise of the Garden of Eden. The darkness has been conquered. Moon conjunct Mercury at 2:37 AM PST will find your moods leaving a strong impression on you. People will be very talkative. If you’re asleep during this time, it is possible you may receive a telepathic communication with someone. Moon trine Uranus at 1:43 PM PST is a transit that brings revolutionary changes. Do something new and out of the ordinary if you can. Moon conjunct Saturn at 4:26 PM PST is a depressing, challenging transit that could leave you feeling lonely and isolated. You’re not alone, reach out. The Moon is in the upbeat sign of Sagittarius for most of the day although she does go void of course between 4:26 PM and 11:14 PM PST. We’ll finish up the day in the serious sign of Capricorn but don’t let your thoughts keep you up all night. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming hardships.
Mantra: And there will never be night again.

Tuesday 11/21/17 Page of Swords
Numerology: 6
Moon in Capricorn
The Page of Swords is a spark of intelligence that must be fostered or it will fizzle out. Pay attention to the ideas you have today because they will show you your potential. Venus sextile Pluto at 3:26 AM PST is a transit brings important relationships front and center. Relationships will take on a remarkable intensity, especially those of a sexual nature. If you begin a relationship today, it may feel that it is fated. Usually, this is not the case but you will still learn a lot from the interactions. Moon sextile Jupiter at 5:57 PM PST is a optimistic transit that will give you a boost of energy for the evening. The Sun enters the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius today at 7:05 PM PST where He will stay until 12/21/17. While the Sun is in Sagittarius, people may seem more positive and up beat than usual. This is also a time of generosity and good will. Moon sextile Neptune at 10:33 PM PST is a psychic intuitive transit. Trust your intuition. The Moon is in the stern sign of Capricorn for the entire day so you may find yourself lost in deep thought that may illuminate some important things for you. The number of the day is 6, a number of victory.
Mantra: I speak my reality into creation.

Wednesday 11/22/17 The Moon
Numerology: 7
Moon in Capricorn
Neptune Stations Direct 6:21 AM PST
It’s interesting that the Moon is the card of the day and Neptune also stations direct today. Both The Moon card and the planet Neptune are associated with psychic ability and intuition. Neptune has been retrograde since 6/16/17, bringing with it the inclination for heightened psychic ability. That energy will be calming down and the only planet that will currently be in retrograde between now and the when Mercury stations retrograde on December 2/3 is Uranus. Although Mercury’s pre-shadow period began last week, we’ll have a fairly normal functioning of all the planets for a few weeks so take this time to put everything back in place if you’re feeling scattered. Moon conjunct Pluto at 11:00 AM PST is a transit that brings revelations in your emotional life. If you’re feeling confused because of the switch up with Neptune, dig your heels into the ground and remain in the moment. Moon square Mars at 3:16 PM PST could cause those who feel confused by the shift to lash out. Remember, not my circus, not my monkies. The Moon is in the solid sign of Capricorn for most of the day so keep climbing. The number of the day is 7, a mystical number of secrets being revealed.
Mantra: The owls are not what they seem.

Thursday 11/23/17 Justice
Numerology: 7
Moon Void of Course in Capricorn 2:33 AM PST
Moon Enters Aquarius 12:14 PM PST
Justice is a card of karma. Whatever you do comes back to you. Moon square Uranus at 2:33 AM PST is a transit of disruptions. If you are asleep during this transit the themes may appear in your dreams or you may suddenly awaken in the middle of the night feeling unsettled. Pay attention to what your intuition is trying to tell you. Moon sextile Sun at 4:05 PM PST is a transit of happiness and harmony. For those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US, it foretells of a good day with your loved ones. The Moon is void of course in the sign of the teacher, Capricorn from 2:33 AM PST to 12:14 PM PST when she enters the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Accept the lessons Capricorn brings and the changes that they cause in Aquarius. The number of the day is 7, a mystical number that reminds us that there are just some things in this world we can’t explain.
Mantra: To receive love you must first give love.

The Empress is a card of fertility and abundance. If you’re in the US, you may be feeling gratitude for the bounty in your life following the holiday. But no matter where you are in the world, take time to be thankful for all the blessings in your life today. Moon square Jupiter at 7:57 AM PST is a tranist of over spending and over indulgence. Watch your pocketbook on Black Friday and don’t get too carried away with the leftovers! The Moon is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius today so use all that gratitude your feeling to make positive changes in your life. The number of the day is 8, a number of karma.
Mantra: Give gratitude and thanks.


Saturday 11/25/17 The Hermit
Numerology: 9
Moon in Aquarius
Moon Void of course 6:37 PM PST
The Hermit appears when it’s time to share the wisdom and knowledge you have with the world. Mercury trine Uranus at 2:55 AM PST is a transit that brings ground breaking inspiration. Share this with others. Moon trine Mars at 7:05 AM PST is a transit of high energy and leadership. It’s time to guide others. Moon square Venus at 10:12 AM may find you cooling down from those sudden burts of energy and taking a breather for a minute. Enjoy taking it easy because things will pick up again with Moon sextile Uranus at 2:34 PM PST. You may want to get out and try new things, meet new people and see new places. In fact, Moon sextile Mercury at 3:32 will bring lively conversation to the afternoon, finding you and everyone you encounter in good spirits. Moon sextile Saturn at 6:37 PM PST may find you retreating for the evening to process all the events of the day from a place of grounded logic. The Moon is still in the dynamic sign of Aquarius but will go Void of Course at 6:37 PM PST. Be the revelation for the first part of the day and accept the revelations by evening. The number of the day is 9, a number of near completion.
Mantra: The student becomes the teacher but the teacher should never stop learning.

Sunday 11/26/17 2 of Wands
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Enters Pisces 12:04 AM PST
First Quarter in Pisces 9:03 AM PST
The 2 of Wands is a card of looking to the future. Movement and change are afoot and although you can’t see what’s on the horizon, know that it is working in your favor! Moon square Sun at 9:03 AM PST brings the first quarter and Pisces. Although it may seem like there could be challenges standing in your way surrounding your New Moon goals, know that these will move out of your way as long as you accept what you need to let go of in order to make progress. Moon trine Jupiter at 7:52 PM PST is a optimistic, positive, upbeat transit that will but you in the right frame of mind for creative problem solving. You’ll find yourself able to clear obstacles with ease. The Moon is in Pisces for the entire day, so let whatever happens flow. The number of the day is 1, a number of new beginnings.
Mantra: Things are going to change, I can feel it.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here.  All images are from the Darkness of Light Tarot by  Tony DiMauro


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