Congratulations to My First Guest Blogger, Sensei Erwin Rimban!

Some of you may remember a few articles I ran by Sensei Erwin Rimban from the Philippines last summer.  One was entitled THE HANGED MAN AND THE MAGICIAN: Nonlinear Dynamics in Tarot, Metaphysics and Psychology  and the other one was entitled ASTROLOGY AND TAROT: A DIALOGUE OF SEQUENTIAL AND NONLINEAR THOUGHT 

Recently, I picked up a copy of Sedona: Journal of Emergence Predictions 2018 and beyond and was pleasantly surprised to see Sensei Erwin Rimban on the cover! As it turns out, a different version of his article on the Hanged Man and the Magician that I published on my site was published in print in the magazine! This is great news for Sensei Erwin Rimban’s career as a professional psychic and I am thrilled to have had a chance to connect with him. If you haven’t already, support Sensei Erwin Rimban and pick up a copy of Sedona: Journal of Emergence Predictions 2018 today!

To find out more about how to have your writing featured on Magdalena Tarot, go here!


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