How Tarot Can Help You: A Guest Blog Post by Priti Kansara

This guest post is part 1 of a 2 part Series that  comes to us from India! Priti Kansara from gives take on how to Eastern Philosophy can enrich the Western tradition of Tarot. 

I have been reading Tarot for 13 plus years and people always ask me, “How can Tarot help me?”

Most people know that Tarot can help you see the future and make predictions. But Tarot has more to show us than that! Let’s dive into the journey with Tarot. This is just a little bit of glimpse of how Tarot can help you!

Tarot can help you in a variety of ways like..

To know the past
“Ohh, really?” You might ask. But why do we need to know the past when the future is just as important and the past cannot be changed. Looking into the past can bring powerful information about the good and bad things that have happened in a person’s life. This can help in knowing why a person behaves in a certain way, and whether or not he should change his behaviour to bring about a favourable outcome.

To know the future
Most people know that Tarot helps to see the future. This is because Tarot brings you clarity about future possibilities. A prediction does not mean the future is set in stone. If someone really wants to really understand Tarot, they must be open to the wisdom of great spiritual teachers on this subject.

Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Face reading and all other methods of future predictions look at your karma, your lessons and what purpose you’ve brought on this planet. This can help you develop a mindset and thought pattern which will allow you to fulfil your purpose and pay-off karmic debts. And that will be clearly visible, while doing readings for you. The readings will then suggest pattern’s in which you “can behave” or act during a certain event or period.

To dig into the present
This might sound ridiculous but this is needed very much while dealing with people. As while doing readings, most people who come to you will be strangers and they will seldom tell you some important truths that will help during the reading.

Tarot can delve deep into the present happenings of a person’s life. This can give us perfect clues as to why something is happening and what can be done to change it or remove it. I once had a gentleman come for a reading who was reluctant to share about what he was doing in his relationship. Continuously probing for 15-20 mins didn’t uncover any truths. The Tarot did review various clues, but he disagreed with them all. Then finally some deep truth that he hadn’t shared with anyone came up and he sprang up immediately in his seat “Please don’t share that with anyone” And I knew where to take the reading then.

Tarot might be used for predictions and for life improvement. But few people know about its power in helping during meditation. Many people who find it difficult to meditate even find this approach very beneficial. So just pick up one card that resonates the most- even if it’s not a “good” card, focus on the positivity you are experiencing in life or want to experience in life and meditate upon it.
Here’s another Tarot meditation exercise you can try: gaze at the card for 5-10 mins. Then close your eyes and bask in the goodness of the energy that you feel while visualizing the card.

Knowing the Right Decision
My favorite thing Tarot does is help with decision making. The best thing about Tarot is that it can show you clues as to what the best decision to make about a situation is. The Tarot is that it shows you only possibilities, not a future set in stone. Remember: no matter what you might have done in this lifetime or a past one, you get many chances for success.

So Tarot can also help you, in these amazing ways..

About Priti Kansara: Priti is a Tarot Reader practicing successfully since past 13+ yrs. She left her IT Engineering career and began her journey into the unknown. Tarot was first thing that intrigued her and then there was no looking back. She has had psychic abilities since childhood, which she didn’t understand when she was young. As a child she could sense energies good and bad around her. But she could just be happy and sad while experiencing that. Along with that she has had a lot of spiritual experiences, which for now she wishes to keep a secret; these experiences she says, have helped her carve her personality and grow better as a human being.

She is also a Numerologist, Angel Card Reader, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Meditation Coach. Visit her website where she helps people to realize their soul’s♥️purpose, guides them to become more productive in their lives and make theire lives more meaningful and fulfilling. You can check her website, or get a Soul’s Purpose Reading now with her, from here at Soul Purpose.

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