Magdalena Tarot Continues to Grow!

So this past weekend I worked Body Mind Spirit Expo in Denver reading Tarot and it was a win!

A lot of really cool stuff happened but the best was meeting I got to meet Kayti and Johanna from 78 Tarot! I was actually using the Astral Tarot reading for customers today! I was able to score a copy of the Nautical Tarot too so it will be our Fall/Winter Deck! Best of all, Kayti signed it for me! I even got to read for Kayti with her deck and all I can say is that I will never see the Emperor from The Astral Tarot the same way again 😂

78 Tarot and I took the Magdalena Tarot partnership to the next level and helped get the word out about each other’s businesses at the fair! It was amazing working with a Partner in real life. It made me feel really proud of the Partnership program which is about to turn 2 years old! I’m so blessed to be able to promote so many indie decks and help so many people discover new artists and new Tarot decks.

Kayti is also going to give me some pointers on crowd funding. I haven’t done a big announcement yet on my project that I’m putting together because the details are fuzzy but it feels like it’s coming into focus and I’m really excited to have someone to give me some clues as to how to start a successful crowd funded project.

Friendship and connection were some of the biggest blessings this fair provided. I connected with my reader and vendor neighbors, people in the tarot community that I haven’t seen in a while and my clients and I all had good connections too!

There were so many people who ended up at my table and heard exactly what they needed to hear while synchronicities around us confirmed what I was saying. All I can say is it was getting spooky how many signs appeared right in front of me and my clients to verify my word and dissolve skepticism. Even the skeptics got up, shook their heads and said, “You’re good.”

I also got gifts! 78 Tarot gave me a Tarot deck and a pirate girl gave me a bracelet!

Speaking of fashion, several indie brands on Instagram even photos of what I was wearing, including my new Magdalena Tarot T-shirts. This rocks because my goal is to make Magdalena Tarot a lifestyle brand and these shirts were a test run. I may order a few shirts to see how they do at my next booth so a clothing line may not be as far out as I think.

Speaking of fashion I did treat myself too! I picked up a couple of cool pieces of jewelry but unfortunately I lost an awesome ring I bought … but life goes on.

So the kick off to Tarot season wasn’t what I expected but I think this fair was more of a turning point. I looked back over the past three years and have seen how much this vision has expanded and it’s awesome to see that my lifestyle brand I dreamed up continues to grow steadily.

My big dream is to have a brick and mortar shop one day so I’m going to keep working towards that.

I think the future of Magdalena Tarot is looking really magical!

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