Expanding My Empire

I had a really hard past couple of weeks. I knew when the Tower was the card of the day a couple of weeks ago that a storm was brewing. But for me, the Tower is always a delayed reaction. It’s like lightening strikes but sometimes the following clap of thunder is delayed based on how far away the storm is. We did have a big storm and I thought that was the Tower but nope, it was actually all aspects off my life getting struck by lightening a few days later.  Anything that could go wrong did. I finally was under so much stress that I came down with a bad cold and was forced to lay down and just surrender to everything.

But through all the movement and change, I figured out where I want to go next with Magdalena Tarot. The artist who are turning Where There is No Night into a comic with me via crowdfunding got back to me with a business proposal so that is going to happen. I’m terrified and overjoyed at the same time. So I’ll be venturing into publishing.

I also ordered Magdalena Tarot buttons so I’m also expanding my small fashion line! So if you want a button drop me a line and I’ll send one to you. Or you can come see me at Pagan Pride on Saturday, October 6! I’ll be doing a full booth with vintage, antiques, crystals and readings! Every time I set up a full booth I dream of the day when Magdalena Tower will be a brick and mortar shop where I can sell my vintage and antiques, do my readings, sell tarot cards and books to help seekers find their way, sell some of my clothing line and host events. It’s a big dream that takes place under the roof of an old, abandoned church I have yet to find and turn into a beautiful shop. But one day it will happen. .

Until then, I’ve taken some steps to move the fashion line and graphic novel forward. I’ve got other project simmering on the back burner but it’s not time for announcements yet.

I decided to share more art with you. This is a piece  I colored from Shadowscapes coloring book  by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law in some mystical schools of thought, sound is what created the Universe. I liked how the woman playing the flute was creating the universe with her music so I wrote “Speak your reality, creation is sound …” And I feel very much like that’s what I’m doing this days.

What will this new reality bring?


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